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Mage Melee Animation (2-Handed Weapons)

My suggestion is to please improve the ‘swing weapon’ animation for Mages, specifically when wielding a 2-handed weapon (eg. staff).

Currently, it looks ridiculous in 0.78… the weapon ‘levitates/floats’ in the toon’s hands mid-swing.

Thank you!

PS. Oh, and also please add/fix: tooltip DPS on the skill-bar, and dual-wielding!

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I kinda like the animation as I remember it, but I should take another look.

Acolyte’s 2h animations, however, I cannot stand.

Unless it’s an animation error in certain frames (again I’d have to look closer) these things are probably opinion.

Both of these things are coming I believe. Dual-wielding for sure and I remember reading about the devs eventually fixing the tooltip dps.

I think that’s the whole point of the animation – it’s showing the mage telekinetically swinging his weapon. He does the same with one-handed weapons. I find it a little strange too, and would sort of prefer if he just held the weapon, but overall I quite like the mage’s animations (and general design, he’s an older guy, but he’s quite fit and lithe and has great posture).