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Lots of problems that need to be fixed

You are going too far buddy. First of all, start write as human, not some 1337 kid. To be fair, I was also guilty of this type of writing when I was young and one fellow forum member suggested me to fix my writing so people can take me more seriously - Use capital letters and writing are as “are” and not “r” should not be hard to fix.

Second, you are attacking people, because they actually enjoy the game, how it is designed and to be fair, I enjoy it too. It seems like you are looking for very different experience from this game than many of us. That’s fine. It just means this game does not cater to you. For many of us, many these “inconvenience” is making the game more “real”, you know, like RPG. Yes, you could probably remove half of the stuff, sucking gold and crafting from whole map, have map designed so you just can run forward and kill millions of monsters with badass items, you can get in very short time but I would not enjoy that. I love slower burn games, even slower ARPGs, where even after months and months of playing, you just don’t have everything already and ready to build any character. Yes, I like using crappy items, because when I finally get the good one, dopamine burst is real.

You are using terms I am not sure you understand… this is “propaganda” … really? You know what it is? Game design with goal in mind. Game design is an art and as any art, it does not have right and wrong way of doing things so feel free to disagree with their decisions, make your point, but tone down your attitude.


what i’m trying to say is
1 play the game, i don’t hold grudges against people who actually play games!
u know what u’re missing here? u r defending fakers
sure, maybe some people r enjoying games in their own way, but they r playing way too little/shallowly to even know what they r talking about or give any kind of useful advice, for example, this forgottenamnesia dude, and they won’t admit it, so u need to keep an eye out for this kind of unresponsible people
these guys don’t even dare to talk when they r not behind a screen and keyboard, becuz they know people like me will call them out and make them look like the clowns they r
u see my name? that’s my real name, victor d. ma, it’s not a cheezy name used for internet BSing
u can swear at me, attack me all u want, as long as u r playing games, we can talk about games
2 i don’t believe in ass-kissing
i don’t think u’ll like it either, when people ass-kiss u and allow u to do idiotic things that will ultimately get u into trouble
what u need to hear when u r down this path is: dude, wake the fk up
this is the kind of advice i want from people when i’m doing something real dumb, i don’t want them to give me cholestrol problems
it helps every time!
3 the game is already very very hard
if u choose to aim for good equip that gives u sound builds, this game is not easy, even if u swap saves during crafting or gambling, i’ll give u a few examples:
i have 7000+ shards, i only have 1 set dodge rating shard, it is that rare! i had to gamble for more pieces with them on it, which is also very time consuming, then swap saves so i can get every single one of those shards shattered off the items, and i believe set dodge rating is a must have for late-game, so u will need 4 pieces of equip with t5 set-dodge, preferably all adding 17%, 20% for the amulet, each with at least 2 more t5 stats (dodge included) on them, it wasn’t easy for me to get these, so good luck
it can take hours of save-swapping to get 1 piece of equip with near perfect 4xt5 stats, i’m certain u will get enough dopamine from these “cheating tours”, considering that u need at least 10 pieces of equip for 1 character
when this game goes online, it will be crazy hard to get good equip, so r u sure u don’t want the DEVs to tune down the difficulty by just a little bit?
my plan for the future is this, i’ll just pay the lucky guy who managed to craft the equip i need, cuz i know there will be a lot of frustration down the road if i craft myself
4 u’re right, i don’t enjoy games like others do… that is very true
what i like to do is research and make things as over-powered as possible
5 “write as human” doesn’t sound very gramatically correct… so if u want to be taken seriously… :joy:

That’s a lot assumptions you made here and I don’t believe any of these are correct. You do understand you are talking about video game here, right? People have no secret agenda here, they just want Last Epoch to be game THEY can enjoy as much as possible. So who you are you think you can call other people “fakers”? Who you think you are you can feel so superior and being above people here? Why do you think these people are just shallow keyboard warriors? Are you really proud of your aggressive style of communication? If you would start talk to me in real life like that, I would just turn around and walk away - not because I am afraid, but because people, who are too much over themselves, are just not worth my time. So I like to believe this is just your forum persona and in real life you can actually make your point in calmly manner without name-calling. Also what real name has anything with it? My name is Jozef Vilhan and why does it matter?

Back to game design. I understand what are you saying, And I know drop rate and progression balance is still ongoing so don’t expect to be this final. But from your earlier posts, it seems you really want swing pendulum on the other side, where getting items should be very easy and game should be just about rush rush rush, removing all “useless” stuff. I don’t want that and honestly, I would rather have game a bit too difficult to gear up than a bit too easy.

But as you said, LE can be played as solo game. It even has single player offline component, I am pretty sure there will be “hacks” sooner rather than later, which will help you to get items you want in no time. And I am perfectly fine with it, if that helps you enjoy the game more, more power to you buddy.

And let me rephrase write as human… Please start write like a human being, it really looks stupid. Not for me or people here, but in moment, you will have to write something official, you can be the kindest and smartest guy on the planet and yet, noone will take you seriously.


Before this goes much further, I recomend reading the Code of Conduct.


And maybe taking it to PMs rather than airing it in public.
Edit: Or, just, not.

i gotta say… i don’t think u understand who is all over themselves… i would bet that this dude, who has nothing to say about this game, yet manages to sling out some kind of propaganda talk saying i’m not playing “properly” according to his imaginary kingdom’s laws is all over himself
why? becuz he has nothing to say!!! yet he chooses to talk!!! when i don’t know what’s going on, i don’t hand out opinions that r worth nothing, 0, zero, i only ask questions politely, that’s called “not being all over myself”
and obviously, many people r superior to these people who have nothing but ethical propaganda BS stored in their brains, u r superior to them, u r talking, they r not
and i am very proud at attacking a bunch of people accusing others of “cheating in a single player game”, r they out of their minds??? what they need to do is level up their game, play competetively, then claim they have suggestions worth offering, not become moral-teachers thru playing single player LE…
and don’t u be worried about me jacking off to a offline single player game, i’m not planning to do that, i never once did that before, i simply try to skip the trouble before “proper test-playing” when i play single player, i’m real sry that i don’t play like a saint offline (do u see the idiocracy of playing like a saint when offline? they r judging themselves…)
in real life, when people sling propaganda around, i’m the one who should be fleeing in terror, in fact, most people do, they just say some random thing then flee in terror… it’s quite a sight to behold…

I mean, I don’t intend to attack your character or be rude.
If you don’t use the systems as intended, it is true that your perceptions of the game will be extremely skewed.
If you played with only perfect gear or with godmode on or have some kind of inability to die or no mana costs. Your entire perceptions of skill choices and stats would be COMPLETELY different than someone who plays legitimately and uses the systems.

Your complaints are heavily tainted with your choice to shortcut wherever possible and don’t have the long term health of the game in mind. You just have a very “gimmie gimmie” mentality. These types of games are about the patience and about the grind. Thats essentially the point. The journey to getting to be powerful and the steps in between

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just read what i wrote in this post, that’s all u need to do… u r not on the right page… if u’re not willing to play and craft in this game so u can get to the same page i’m on, at least read what i wrote…
if u don’t know what u’re talking about, just read

when i “cheat” by swapping saves, i find runes of cleansing to be decently useful, when i don’t, i find them to be totally useless
so, i’m curious why u who is on such high moral grounds want to pick up a bunch of cleansing runes that u have no use for
and have u settled on a name for this playstyle where u don’t aim for perfect equip???

u see how we r COMPLETELY different now? u need to play this game and grind like u claim u do :grinning:

Y’all may wish to stop before EHG lock this thread…

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i just don’t see how talking about a game can pose a problem for EHG, somebody’s acting like they know what they r talking about, i’m calling them out, y’all need to chill

Because of how both of you are talking to each other.

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the guy needs to read about just how differently i’m playing this game, and then figure out just how that can skew my perceptions, i’m betting i played more LE without perfect equip then he played any arpg

Both of you need to be more polite to each other & accept that you have two very different points of view & just leave it at that.

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lemme tell u something funny… in fact, i played for so long, i know what perfect equip might look like! just ain’t that funny?

I just wanna chime in and say i have a new build up on youtube, if you haven’t tried the sorcerer, i got a massive fire build for you to try out and enjoy :slight_smile: Take all this frustration out on the real enemy! THose damn beetles, lite em up!


Looks like a lot of fun, Ill need to check it out!

A player’s experience level does not make their feedback more or less valuable, simply different. We value feedback from first time players. We value feedback from 1000+ hour players.

I probably should have locked the thread a while back. The recent stuff is great but the conversation as a whole has not been healthy.