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Lots of problems that need to be fixed

to DEVs:
there r a lot of things that need to be done, but satisfying all the crazy complainers is not 1 of them
some complain about no-depth and too much complexity at the same time
some complain about boring-boss-runs and random equipment drops (what?)
some complain about too much and too little challenge at the same time
yes repetitiveness + no repetitiveness
these people need to make up their minds before they complain
if they wanna do boss/place-runs, then no more random drops
if they want random drops, then there’s no need for repetitive boss-runs no more
they cannot have both… and they need to learn about the shop and gamble systems, use brain, yes, use brain, gold good, buy u what u want, just get that gold… no need to complain yet…

on the other hand, there r tons of things that needs to be fixed
on the top of the list r:
1 refined graphics/algorithms, u know u r making my gpu do things it doesn’t need to do… fix that
almost everyone in china is complaining about low frame rate, some people from other countries tell me their games’ running real smooth, i just cannot understand why that is, and my drive is up to date…
2 character control regarding movement is so friggin bad, my character freezes every time i left-click or cast teleport on terrain i cannot move onto, it gets me killed so much it’s ridiculous, and my character’s AI is non-existent when she runs into a little bump sticking out of the wall, she just cannot go around it without me to guild her out of the pickle
regarding these issues, i think people would agree with just doing what LOL or warcraft3 did: let things move towards a destination even if they can’t get there, and go around little bumps by themselves
the stupid control system that causes movement freezes that kill me is just unacceptable
3 get rid of the whacky terrain that looks as if u can walk thru it, but yet u cannot
for example: the “bar” terrain on the south side of the tundra arena, there r lots of terrain that looks like that that players believe they can walk thru, yet they cannot, causing ridiculous freezes mentioned above and forcing players to wonder what’s happening and look at the map in wonder
this is an arpg, not a cheap little game that only displays a map, plz don’t get creative, build terrain that is understandable to the eye and mind
4 and regarding the map that i am forced to look that when i’m stuck, why doesn’t the map show creeps??? at least show the ones i can see on my screen, maybe this is content yet to be released, if not, u gotta add this
5 plz stop forcing me to go back to places and left click on little strips of letters that overlap 1 another to pick up equipment, money and crafting material, if u ask me, just allow the system to automatically throw equip into a “temporary zone”, that u can check when u die or complete sections, or only allow there to be so many items in that zone (like the shop’s buy back zone)
6 as for money and crafting material, just transfer them onto my account, do i need to pay money to get a office lady to do this for me?
7 glyphs r stashed automatically, why aren’t other materials stashed automatically???
i heard this smart-fella say in a video that stash materials is real “considerate”, sort items might be, stash material is not, it’s plain stupid when glyphs r auto-stashing themselves and shards r not
8 i don’t feel the kiddy “i have a backpack and a storage facility” inventory concept is either modern or interesting
why not just give us a huge backpack and remove that stupid storage box from the game, using this system is the definition of running around like a shmuck in a imaginary world, let’s just cheat reality some more and have an even bigger backpack, considering we’re already packing like ten shields in our original one and allow us to see multiple pages at the same time so we can move things around easily
9 i’m opting for efficiency, i don’t like running around in a digital world or logging in and out to move equipment, when u can just grant me access to the inventory of all my connected characters at any given time or place in any non-solo character account + access to “store” and “gamble” at any time or place where i can just press T to find these things
people r not playing this game for a real long time to experience these “real life experiences”, they r here to work out new builds and craft equip, and they just don’t need all this fluff that sends them running around, loggin in and out
i know u guys r trying to make this game look like d2, which was a hit, but there is just no need to inherit d2’s bad systems as well
plz understand that people playing this laggy game r not people who love “fluff” that d3 is so rich of

Sounds like you need a new graphics card. Game runs pretty smooth for me.

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Try this build. The sheer number of hits, procs & calculations per second kill my fps in an arena.

Can’t really decide if you are one of those crazy complainers and this is a troll post. But some of your complaints are real. Just what makes you think that your complaints are more important than others?

-》Never had an issue with this. Have to travel to this spot to figure out what you mean.

-》Don’t get the point why it would be necessary to show creeps on the map that also are visible on the screen. Imho makes looking on the map more confusing.

-》What’s the matter with money? It IS transferred to you account and also picked up automatically. Only thing that would make picking up money more comfortable would be with full screen pickup radius. As for the mats: There is a button on the bottom of your inventory where you can stash all mats in your inventory instantly.

-》This is the only new point of your thread that is not mentioned several times before in other threads. And while it is as badly formatted as the rest of your post I get your point and agree with it. Having access to the inventories of all other chars that are not tagged “solo” would be awesome and prevent the login / logout orgy I sometimes go through when searching for a specific item that has to be in any chars inventory and I for fucks sake don’t remember where…!


By confusing terrain i mean the terrain with little tree stubs or pointy ice shards on them, I’m certain u have seen them in the past
The ‘tree stub’ terrain looks exactly like a forest area where all the trees got chopped down, I’m pretty sure people will attempt to walk thru them like i did

Showing creeps on the map saves u the trouble of having to look at the screen to know if there r creeps around u when checking the map
Another benefit of the map showing creeps is that it can be made to allow u to have the same range of sight on both the north and south side of ur character, i almost always perfer to stay south of the map, because it allows me to see creeps coming from very far up north
At the very least, ‘creeps on map’ can act as a warning signal of incoming creeps
diablo2 does this, many other games does this, i just can’t think of the upside of not having this

By transferring things/gold to my inventory, i mean a ‘mapwide radius’ pickup range, u got to screenwide radius, now think bigger,

I think made myself pretty clear about how the ‘stash material’ function is dumb, glyphs auto-stash, why shouldn’t shards auto-stash themselves? R they too naughty or what? All crafting material should auto stash themselves, the stash materials function should be removed

And thanx for agreeing with me :slight_smile:

A little more food for thought
I know that the random-removing rune of removal is something the DEVs made to bust my balls and make crafting a whole lot harder, i would recommend the use of them on a few very very rare occassions
Now, just what exactly is the use of the rune of cleansing? I simply sold all of mine, cuz they r totally useless
A equip with a t5 stat that i need and 0 instablilty might not be good enough to craft with
What in hell do i need a 0 instablilty common for?? I must be a total idiot to craft with one of those
Regarding glyphs, people consume much more glyphs of stability then they consume glyphs of the guardian, because they need to poke around with stability to finally get an item with enough stats on it to ‘refine’ with guardian
I would be real grateful if creeps would drop more glyphs of stabilty and runes of shattering, the two things that r always insufficient when crafting

I use them quite a bit early on when a decent base has dropped but not with useful affixes.

Inventory management is the core of a lot of games in this genre, even just regular loot games. You told me people to think before they complain , but then fail to do so yourself. And the “vacuum” type of feature you’re asking for is not done in games for one main reason …performance. Especially when they add co-op it would be literally times party number size x loot dropped for each player much more intesive than one person and one person having all that loot drop in one area would be bad enough on performance.

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That’s not 100% true. Simulating some of these “real life experiences” creates immersion. Some games have mechanics like diseases and starving or have the main purpose to simulate real life mechanics.

While on the one hand it can be annoying to have laborious mechanics that you have to run through repeatedly. But on the other hand it’s not purposeful to automate all tasks that have nothing to do with the core gameplay. Where do you start and where do you end. If you want to drive to the extreme you end up with a vertical shooter.

Why walk around by clicking on the ground when the movement could be done automatically? Why even move? Let the enemies come to you. Why pick up items? And when we don’t have to walk, why have character models? Oops, we have created “Shakes And Fidget”

This game would be more than a browser game than an ARPG.

There has to be a balance between comfort and simulation and this is subjective.

I’d prefer not having access to vendors all the time and not having an infinite backpack. For me the game has several phases. Preperation in town before getting into the fight, fight and collect loot, selling and sorting items after the fight. Having an infinite backpack only results in a mess. At some point you have to sort and sell to have a chance to keep track of you items. For this reason it is good to have a limited inventory space. Just my point of view.


U need to think bigger, if u think this vacuum that puts loot in a certain temporary area or my inventory requires calculating and leaving them all over the floor doesn’t (which i doubt), then we can design it so u do not need to ‘get loot’ before u finish a level or die, it can be given to u when u either die or finish the level based on ur progress, when u r not ‘in action’

It’s more unpopular then the glyph of the guardian… Might as well replace it with something else

I see, i thought some people might feel this way, what I’m suggesting is this: in the long run, u will grow to loath these mechanics
I too found all these mechanics to be amusing in the beginning, then it started to feel like hard work that annoys me
This is in fact, just like what happens in a lot of real life scenarios!
For example, people used to enjoy home phones, ‘the beeper’, written letters, news on paper, fax machines etc, as a matter of fact, some still claim that they enjoy using these things, they just don’t use them becuz they r ‘not convenient’ compared to cellphones and computers

Just because something’s “unpopular” doesn’t mean it should be removed. If one was to follow that line of reasoning then you’d have all of the low level gear removed as it’s only used at low level & therefore “unpopular”.

Have to think about first time I played WoW. To get from point a to point b on another continent you had to travel for 10-20 minutes. It was annoying when you were on a hurry, but the immersion was great.

I’m of the opinion there should definitely be some mechanics that slow down the pace of the game. As long as this mechanics fit into the world or the things we do in real life - like going to the vendor - this is ok.

@victordma: I don’t say your points are invalid. But I’d argue if they are as important as you think them to be. Some are ok to have but some are unnecessary. For example I won’t make a complaint threat when gold is collected without the need to be near. But I also wouldn’t make a complaint threat if it stays like it is.

the rune of cleansing is really really bad, there is very little need to craft early game, and when u do craft, the first thing u learn is that “cleansing” items is a really bad idea. u could pick up much better items to craft with very easily.
i did find a way to utilize the seal of cleansing, that is by swapping saves, when i do that, all i need is an item with good base stats. but this is not the way this game is meant to be played, and this cannot be done in online play.
i can see the glyph of stability being “online currency” in the future, so it would make our lives much easier if creeps drop more stability glyphs then guardian glyphs. i prefer to have more fun then trouble when i game.

The Rune of Cleansing has a niche use but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, just that one won’t use it much outside of the designated niche. I don’t use it in end-game for example but if I find a much better base in the early game then I’d absolutely use it to get rid of the crap affixes it (probably) has & put on whatever I want.

Not quite sure what you’re doing there…

Yeah, I think it probably will be a more useful (and more effective) currency than gold (assuming you can remove them from your crafting stash).

Ahh, I see, though personally I’d view that as one step off cheating (which won’t be possible when there’s MP servers) but that’s what you get with offline un-encrypted saves.

i don’t want to play fair unless i absolutely have no choice, LE is essentially a “single player” game with a chat-room function right now, so we can save the god-awful grinding for another day :crazy_face:

So then if you don’t intend to play the game as designed or intended, why are you submitting feedback based on it? Your perceptions are skewed by wanting to take so many shortcuts

Well I for one, don’t want this to turn into poe, so i’m fine with limited inventory and stash space for items. Maybe a huge “back pack” for guilds/clans vault seen in many other games, i’d like that.