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Lost items and protecttion % display not right

i got idol in my inventory yesterday but after i exit the map. the idol disappear the same thing happen with my relic was equipped to character last week.
can you check the protection on my character. i put the helmet on the protection go up but the % protection is go down??? why?
can you check the belt on my character right now. does it hiding 1 more mod i should have. this happen after the update.

Protection % could go down if your health increased as well, since the % is relative to your health pool. Does the helmet have health or % health affixes on it?

If you ever lose an item it’s very useful for us to see your log file. I’m not aware of any saving bug so I can’t give any advice unfortunately.

If your belt used to have the glancing blow affixes that were removed in 0.7.6, they might appear to have less affixes than they should.

thanks for your answer.
what about the protection? i put the helmet on protection number go up but the % protection go down ??? why?

If the helmet granted you additional health, your % of protection would go down. If you hover over your protections in the character sheet, there’s an explanation for how protections scale.

ty bey

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