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Loot: We may need an indicator


it would be nice, if you could see in your characters inventory, which lootfilter suggested to loot a specific item. As it is, when those items hit the ground.

Here’s a mockup to clarify, what I suggest

  • On the left different recolors from lootfilters
  • In the middle the loot in characters inventory, after picking those items up. As it is at the moment.
  • On the right side I added a visual indicator. Now I know, from which lootfilter that loot is coming. So, did I pick it up for crafting reasons, or affix farming?

Thanks for reading!

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That would seem to be really time consuming and hard to code for devs for only a small amount of players to get value out of

What would be more reasonable is a ‘marker’ system - you can mark items with a symbol I guess but you would still have to then take the time to mark the item. In my time I cant really think of a time I genuinely cant remember why I looted ‘xx’ item afterwards

That would be really usefull for vendor

A Borderlands version of marking items as “favorites” and can’t be sold, or “trash” so you can sell all trash at once.

This being said, I don’t actually pick up any trash loot, unless it has an affix I need, or a rare affix. I rarely pick up uniques anymore, unless I know they have a stat upgrade, or I’m fighting a pack of mobs and I grab it before I risk death. The only thing I really vendor trash, are arena keys.


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He has so many middle names! lol