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Loot Filter Suggestion

The loot filter is great. I am able to filter for/out most things. The one thing that doesn’t seem to be an option is either;

  1. Number of affixes on items, or;
  2. Total of affix tiers on an item.

I have my filter set up so that it shows all unique/set items, filters out all normal items, then filters out all items that have affixes I don’t want.

I have narrowed that filter to exclude items that have affix tiers below 3.

I would very much like to replace that rule with one that either filtered out items that have less than 4 total tiers of affixes, or to filter out items that have less than 2 of the affixes I want.


Good suggestions. I’ll bring this up in a design meeting.


While we 're on the subject I 'd like to say that it would be nice if there were ‘check all’ option in Affixes rule. Now there are 400 + affixes and if I want to uncheck say 10 affixes I first need to check many groups by hand.

The values of implicites should be filterable too I think.

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