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Lone Wolf


How about in addition to or in place of the Partner line of nodes there could be one to give bonus for no pets out. I happen to find myself liking the Primalist toolkit except for the pets. Would be nice to have a 4 or 5 linked node set for this I think. As pets are mostly a chore right now especially in Arena.


I’m not entirely opposed to this as I’m enjoying a melee shaman with no companions at the moment but more to the point I feel is making the pets feel more impactful so you want to use them.

If there was something like this I’d imagine it fits best in Shaman since beastmaster seems to be better oriented towards a pack and druid has the single companion nodes. Shaman is oriented towards totems and I wouldn’t want to lose that but nodes for 0 companions that would still proc with totems out would be nice.


If they add some poison dmg and chance nodes to Shaman I would agree or give the option to just continue up the Primalist tree and have poison and bleed nodes up there. But that might take to much work as you would have to do it for the other classes as well.

If the pets get improved to the point where they don’t feel like a chore and die everytime you turn around I would retract this. I really only want to use one pet but feel very punished for this as having only one they die so much faster even if you sacrifice other stats to invest in minion ones. Maybe I just won’t be able to do what I want in a build in the end and that would be sad.


Well you can always go with druid. At least he has passives arround bonuses with only one companion active. I would love nodes that give bonuses if you play without pets but I think this will not happen because the classes are build as they are. I would love petless Primalist builds but I think this will not happen because your toon is already pretty strong and making him stronger without pets might make him the single most op career ingame.
I still have high hopes for the not revealed class but right now the classes get totaly boring for me because I like the style, the passives and then I see the aktive skills and I’m done with the class ^^. I hope we will see more skills for each class that enable some different playstyles outside of the box. Right now each class have a pretty terrible stereotype feeling to it I dislike. After all the game is fine but I miss some stuff and for the most part I can’t even tell exactly what it is :D.


It is a long shot I agree. But EGH have been pretty bawler about adding stuff if enough people ask for it so who knows.


I know what you mean. The spriggan seems to be the only companion atm that at least has some use without minion stats. But they know about the current companion issues, and even the leash/stances should improve companion gameplay by a mile.
We’ll see, I wouldn’t mind “No companion” nodes, but I feel thats not really needed either. Without his companion he’d just be another warrior or caster. Like in D&D, every mage and druid always has a pet by their side :slight_smile:
At the moment they are a chore, but when you can force them to stay near you that should help their survivability tremendously :slight_smile:


Have they mentioned specifically they are thinking about having them stay next to us? I totally have missed that if so but that would go a long way I think.

These threads really are more about getting ideas going back and forth to me as well. So I appreciate people taking part even if you disgaree with me. The conversation is what is important.


Well, haven’t heard anything official yet, but since it’s amongst the most critizised topic on necromancers and primalists, I expect a change in behaviour sooner or later. :slight_smile:


I always love my spriggan for staying so far away I don’t benefit from the aura :D. BTW is it just me or is the skillable dmg increase of the aura bugged?
For the minion part… well how should I put it… I like the primalist so far and every other class is just to generic, boring or not my cup of tea. I still have high hopes for the rogue but as it seems this game has only one class for me. So I would be a happy panda if there was a beneficial way to get rid of those darn companions all togheter.


Pretty sure it’s fine. Unsummon your spriggan, look at your dmg numbers on your character sheet, summon it and wait a second while standing near it. The numbers go up or did last time I looked at that skill.

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