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List of places we can get passive skills from quests thread!


This is awesome, thanks for the info! This will certainly help a lot of new players jumping in :slight_smile:


Hi, new player here. The Ruined Temple quest reward did not include a passive point for me, only 400 xp and 400 gold. Is this normal?


According to the quest journal and my skill points there are 12 passive points from quests atm in the beta.




2 more quest that rewards passive points:

  • The Admiral’s Dreadnought
  • The Oracles’s Aid

each rewarded 1 passive point along with exp and gold. Both quests are in Imperial Era which makes them act 3 i guess?


where can i do the admiral’s dreadnought? the imperial dreadnought??


Yeah, I got my passive from there with this quest.


All of the quests and their number of passive points are now on the wiki, along with their other (less meaningful) rewards.

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