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Linux: Can't log in

Pretty much the title. I bought the game through steam. When I try to launch, my steam client flashes for half a second then that’s it. The game quits before I can even see anything. AMDGPU if that matters.

Sorry about this! Could you please upload your log file and system information so we can look into this?

Being frustrated with the crashing and various faults in other games, I decided to distrohop. Since the new install, Last Epoch seems to be working.
So good news! I’m no longer having this issue and it has been resolved. Bad news is that I won’t be able to upload a log file of the broken system/game combination, but my guess is that whatever it was was a problem on my end.

Scratch that. New problem. I can’t “Steam Account Sync” and it says there was a problem logging in.
System Info: system.txt (12.8 KB)
LogPlayer.log (13.6 KB)

Image of what the screen is showing:
note the overlapping text and UI components.

Update again. I manually linked the accounts using the web browser rather than through the game. That worked fine. It’s just the ingame menu/button that tells you to do it doesn’t really seem to work. Now i’m at character selection. Hopefully no more issues will come up.

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