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Lich mastery clarification

a lot of lich mastery goes as follow (increase ur dmg by x% per skill lvl) my question is does that include dot dmg like poison or bleeding? ex: the rip blood skill have an initial spell dmg hit before the dot (poison or bleeding depending on nods )would such mastery only raise initial hit of rip blood or would it affect the following dot dmg also?

Bleed should be affected by “more/increased damage”, “more/increased damage over time” and “more/increased physical damage” (and “more/increased bleed damage”, obviously).
Poison should be affected by “more/increased damage over time” and “more/increased poison damage”. Not sure about “more/increased damage” though. It seems to not work for poison, probably for balance reasons, since every stack of poison increases target’s damage taken by 10%.

Also keep in mind that if your minion applies bleed/poison, the dot will be affected by minion’s bonuses, not by yours.

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