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Lets Play a fun forum thread game! List all your characters you have made!

Open to having screen shots and video as true proof, and requirements, but for now, we can just just list them here in this format.
Character Builds Patch Version Beta: 0.7.5D
42 Acolyte
84 Beastmaster
91 Druid
76 Druid
35 Druid
63 Forge Guard
64 Necromancer
59 Paladin
61 Paladin
56 Shaman
30 Sorcerer
59 Spellblade
42 VoidKnight
762 Levels completed.

Only two of those builds are in near complete form, the rest are 50% or lower :slight_smile:

I completed my list and I couldnt post it. I exceeded to many limits

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oof! if you have too many, just list your top 13

79 Beastmaster
92 Sorcerer
12 acolyte
72 Paladin
21 Primalist
84 Necromancer
83 Beastmaster
77 Paladin
16 Sentinel
9 Primalist
77 Spellblade
72 Druid
100 Druid
89 Shaman
100 Paladin
68 Forge Guard
75 Void Knight
77 Sorcerer
96 Lich
81 Necromancer
95 Lich

1466 Levels completed

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I would list mine if I could but they were deleted awhile back. Didn’t know reinstalling on a new drive would wipe characters. I take it they keep certain information client side for some weird reason? So now I have just 1 character, a 25ish Spellblade.

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