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Leech dot


Hello, does dot leech from “leech X of mele damage” ? I’m using swipe.


DoTs can’t leech since they are not hits.

Edit* They CAN leech, but aren’t hits! Idk why I’ve always thought they couldn’t leech.
“Although DoTs are not hits, they can Leech and use Penetration” - from the Wiki.

Sorry guys!


@fyirio Could you please clarify which Damage Over Time you are talking about?

@ReimerhArts This is incorrect.


@Sarno really some DOTs leech with melee leech? I though it was only with +% of damage leeched as Health like on the unique Amulet Bleeding Heart.


I can’t think of any that do, off the top of my head - but I dislike responding to questions about interactions without knowing what precisely is being asked about.

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