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Lavamancer leech seems not to work (with Titan Heart)

I´m playing a fire based sorcerer (Piercing Fireballs Embers with Cinder Song + Soulfire, Triple Fire nova on Teleport) and it´s my highest damage build so far.
I use Titan Heart and when Lavamancer is my only source of leech (1%) I don´t leech one tiny bit. I understand that 1% is not much, but I really don´t leech at all! When I use a badly rolled Bleeding Heart with 5,3% leech, I leech like crazy.
So either Lavamancer still doesn´t work at all, although it was supposedly fixed here: Beta 0.7.6 Patch Notes or it is not working with Titan Heart although it should (and does so with Bleeding Heart): Spell Damage Leech not working properly on Mage/Sorcerer

All in all, phenomenal patch! Keep up the good work!

Works fine after patch: Fixed a bug where tagged leech stats (i.e. physical damage leeched as health) did not work unless you also had an untagged leech stat.

Thanks for the quick fix!

However my sound also doesn´t work since the patch. Used to work fine before.

Thanks for the follow up! The sound issue should now be fixed as well.

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