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Hey guys

I’m trying to install the game but it gets stuck at 36.5% and says stalled.

I closed the installer/launcher and restarted my PC but it’s still stuck at 36.5% with no download speed saying Downloading package…

I can’t upload images so I used imgur:



output_log.txt (2.3 MB)
launcher-log.txt (5.0 KB)


Sorry to hear about this! Could you please post the Launcher’s two log files?

You can use the Upload button to attach them to your forum post.

Thanks for the quick response. All uploaded.

Could you upload the output_log.txt file again?

It seems this one is for the game itself rather than the Launcher.

Sorry about that, fixed.

Just a quick update, I did a fresh install of Windows 10 and it still gets stuck at the exact same point in the screenshot.

I needed a fresh install anyway and thought that might of fixed it.

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That’s actually kind of strange - because from what I saw in the logs you provided, I believed that the issue was caused by a limited amount of available space - which a fresh install of Windows 10 should have resolved (admittedly in a roundabout sort of way).

How much space is currently available on your PC? Could I ask for newer logs, please?

Log files updated.

I installed Last Epoch on my HDD which has 802GB free.

This issue seemed to appear after 0.7.4b was released which I done a fresh install of Last Epoch for back on my previous Windows 10 installation. I agree I thought a fresh Windows 10 would fix it too.

Hey Sarno just letting you know it’s downloading again no problems so far, almost installed!


Six hours ago server-side data corruption was identified and corrected.

This should resolve all cases of downloads getting stuck at 36.5%.

Apologies for the inconvenience while this was being investigated.

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