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Launcher Issues

Launcher loads for a second before crashing at a white screen. output_log.txt (32.3 KB)

Sorry to hear about this!

It looks like you’ve posted the game’s log file. Could you please post the launcher’s own files?

Hi sorry about that, this is the launcher log. launcher-log.txt (13.2 KB)

We should have specified-- in this case we need the output_log (C:\Users\YOURNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Eleventh Hour Games\LastEpochLauncher) mentioned in that support article.

The logs for the game and launcher have the same name due to them both being made in Unity, but they’re very different.

What version of the game do you have installed? Have you played before?

I downloaded the installer just yesterday but I have not played before. When I run the installer (LastEpochBetaInstaller.exe), I get a Setup error popup that indicates “Out of system resources”. Is that where the issue comes from?

Not necessarily-- if you upload the file I mentioned in my previous post I can take a look.

Hi sorry but I’m not able to find a folder named LocalLow or any lastepoch related files for that matter within my users folder. I can’t upload a screenshot to show this but nothing shows up even with a search for output_log, eleventh hour games or LocalLow for that matter.

LocalLow is located in AppData which is a part of Windows. It’s hidden by default, so it sounds like you should set Windows to show hidden files and folders to see the log file.

Oh thank you! this is the output log. output_log.txt (2.5 MB)

Launcher tells me every time that there is not enough disk space but there are 40 GB available.
Can someone fix this please?

I’ve had a look at the files you posted, and it seems like the launcher was running for about an hour. The log file shows timestamps for when it downloads data.

To clarify, the Launcher is what starts immediately after you use the installer, and is what downloads the actual game. Once the Launcher finishes downloading, you’re able to click a button and start the game. Did you have an issue with starting the actual game, or the launcher? A screenshot or video would be helpful if you’re unsure, you can upload it to a site like

Hi! Yes I left the launcher open to see if it would change. here is a screenshot of what the launcher is after running it.

Thanks for your time!

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