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Last Epoch | Lightbringer - Paladin Build (Sentinel) 0.7.9 Beginner/Veteran

Here is my next Last Epoch build guide! Featuring The Lightbringer Paladin build for the Sentinel class.
This build makes use of Rive and Rebuke he is a tanky beast while still putting out some major damage!!
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I really love your builds, Rimed. I just redid an existing Pally I had and am leveling this up now. The only difference is I already had a nearly maxed Ring of Shields and I am keeping that for now instead of Rebuke. We’ll see how that works. I was using Vengeance and dropped that obviously for the Rive. I looked in my stash and lo and behold I had this…

Seems to pair well with the build for now until I can try and gamble for the Undisputed.

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What do u think about + flat fire dmg from Ring of shield - Touched by fire (+15) & Sigil - decree of flame (+3 x 4) instead of going crit chance on lunge & defense on rebuke?

Always feel like when u use Rive u don’t have to stack crit chance, and flat dmg will benefit all of your offensive abilities.

I’m lvling up this build now so idk end game wise what will be better.

Absolutely this sword. Honestly, if you spec into Sentinal - Blademaster, the att speed help u stack Reen’s Ire faster and doing crazy dmg.

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The crit multi is nice but the crit multi vs 200% damage might be the difference. I think this would be a good substitute till you get it! how it goes!

the only thing is the inly fire damage that we do is AE bc rive is physical and doesn’t have fire conversion i wish it did lol. That would be really good for a pure ignite build though

I see, I mean, I don’t really understand how it suppose to work.

So if I have a weapon with +fire melee dmg, all of that will mean nothing if I use Rive which doesn’t have a fire tag? Like, In this build of boardman Rive VK 0.7.9 , he uses a weapon with melee void dmg. Does that add to Rive? Because only rive is a melee in his skill selection.

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Melee damage is adaptive all melee damage has a benefit. but you preferably would want melee physical for rive to get max benefit xD

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So if I have + melee fire dmg. Does the + fire dmg further increased that melee fire dmg? :smiley: Not talking about what is best though. Just learning :smiley:

No, it’s not adaptive like adaptive spell damage. Melee fire damage isn’t going to change elements if you use it with a melee attack with different tags.

@sinobu, melee fire damage is still useful, it just won’t get buffed as much if you have lots of % increased physical damage. If you mainly have %increased melee damage then it doesn’t matter much what element the damage is.


Yeah the element wong gain benefit only the melee. You want to to to scale physical and melee. I did a guid on how to do damage with my buddy holycoffee. It explains that a bit better

I meant it as melee will scale with any kind of melee but you are correct it is not the same as adaptive spell.

I am in the process of converting an old lvl 62 pally to this build, now around 65 and skills around 17. It’s a lot of fun and converted over really quickly even without great gear. I don’t have the main weapon or helmet yet, so still a ways to go. Using Eye of Reen as suggested above for the time being. Also using the 85% GB armor (sorry forgot the name) which allowed me to focus more on getting CSA up.

I’m now above 100 on both GB and CSA but still dying more than I’d like. It looks like you really need to get all the protections boosted as well, so that could be a little rough.

One question on damage: I have that one item (sorry again) that increases ignite chance by a ton for Fire skills. I think it is working properly with Rive but I’m not 100% sure, but can anyone confirm?

Hey there, rive isn’t a fire skill. it applies ignite but we only use that for the damage multi for ignite. so that item will not help with rive and that is out main source of damage. Also the chest piece is woven flesh. it is decent to help with getting glancing blow too 100 but other than that it is pretty useless for the current iteration of this build. you do want to scale protections even more true for melee builds. but at level 62 you shouldn’t be dieing a whole lot. so let me ask you

  1. if your current prots are not around 800 to 1k I would get them there.
  2. what is your chance to block?
  3. make sure you are sufficient kiting thinkgs and how is your damage? are you killing things quickly enough?
    but mostly the top too if you are gb and ca capped

Thanks for the feedback!!!

  1. I am way behind on #1, so that’s clearly my biggest issue. Elemental is getting there, but the others are suffering. I have been focusing on Void temporarily to get through some of the monolith quests, but I assume at some point I’m going to have to shore up poison and necrotic too

  2. Chance to block is at 65%, still need to bump that as well. I don’t recall when the next tier shields come up but should be soon

  3. Damage is great for the most part, I still take a while for some “healthy” mobs and bosses. I’m not too concerned here because I don’t have the weapon or the idols, so I figure there is a lot of room to grow