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Last Epoch | Ice Shade Acolyte Build (Necromancer) 0.7.9

Want to control the battle field with an undead army?

Here is the highly requested Ice Shade Necromancer build


Rimed I am going to try out this build, but noticed you only went over 4 skills at the beginning. Did I miss one? If you did could you break down the 5th skill please?

EDIT – my bad…I think a commercial messed me up or something. Got it. :slight_smile:

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Sorry about that LUL. if you have any question let me know!!

I will - I am totally enjoying it so far. It’s so cool to send the minions out in front of the Necro as scouts…keeps things really safe for the most part.

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It does lol just stand back position them and don’t get hit haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, Rimed – I wanted to give you an update. I have been playing the hell out of this build. Absolutely love it, man. Thanks again. But, honestly, I dropped Death Shade because 95% of what I do is command the minions to scout ahead and by the time I catch up nearly everything is dead, so there’s no enemy to have the Shade to attach to. It would be nice if there was some kind of skill akin to a General that sits back and buffs his army in safety. Any thoughts on other skills? I almost never am in the mix with everything - too dangerous. I do like the leech of Rip Blood.

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Rip blood also has a buff too it the bottom lft skill line has it, you could change dread shade to fo on your minions too but is slowly makes them decay over time which is fine bc you have a good amount to survive anyway

Glad you are liking it <3

Instead of Dread Shade what about Bone Curse? How much physical damage do my minions do? I know they do a lot of cold.

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none except you archers ever few hits and I think your golem dos but he is mainly a tank