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Lanching game takes to long?

Am im the only one who need to wait 30 to 40seconds before login screen appaers?i dont got a potato computer …

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Hi there,

Would you be able to post your system information? It should be possible to attach the file to a forum post by clicking on the button above the text box in the composer window.

Currently the game client can be slow to get going, which we will be improving in future patches. The time estimate you’ve provided sounds excessive, but without knowing details such as the Operating System or SSD / HDD in question, it’s hard to say for certain.

I actually have this same issue. It lags for quite a while until it starts. I am using a windows 10 computer. I have it installed on an HDD consisting of 1 TB. I am running last epoch through Steam if that would make a difference. I have an i7-7700HQ CPU@2.80 GHz. I am running this on a GEForce Gtx 1050 TI on my laptop. I have a 16 GB Ram.

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