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So, what exactly is going on with this.

Just hit level 100, and I disappeared off the ladder. ( I was there… O_o )

(SC LEVEL ~ Ecstasy) 4.9M Experience right now.


Ladder kept me more interested in continuing. Not a huge deal, but more of a personal deal, it is a beta. I think I’ve seen multiple people randomly disappear from it, and I would probably not be on it.

Edit: After I made this topic… I re-appeared. ~_~ Strange :thinking:

Maybe it just doesn’t update that quickly is the issue, which is understandable… But I was completely removed lol. For 30 minutes I was going :thinking: Hmm… :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps not a bug…
Once you have reached level 101, you are dropped down on the ladder, and start the experience at level 100 over again. Hah…

Now I am rank 72.

Perhaps disregard this topic. ~_~

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