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Ladder Suggestions / per class ladder / top 1-1000

A couple of easy suggestions
General wave/level ladder should be 1-1000, just like in d3
Same for classes
1-1000 per class
Almost entire top100 ladder is filled with level 100s already, and at the same time it’s easy to see which master classes HEAVILY dominate it. 1-1000 will give broader range and better data.

I would prefer this game stays as far away from D3 as possible.


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Still wouldn’t hurt for more than a top 100, maybe not now, but later depending how the game progresses. :ok_hand:

It terms of BOTTING, yes. lol. But otherwise d3 has a lot of great ideas and well-implemented features. Last Epoch already uses a lot of them, so sometimes it’s not necessary to try and reinvent the wheel

Most important is focus on Items, Crafting, Leveling and Skills. LE do great work here so far.
A Ladder Change wont change any of that.

I would like to see Class based Ladders too.

Class based ladders would be fine but only if everyone is on the same boat. Leaderboards in D3 for example are a joke because every level change, enemys change shrine postions and buffs change and so on. You don’t need a leaderboard at all if not everyone fighting the 100% exact same stuff.

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