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Just me or are there not enough forge guard support skills?

let me explain what i mean by that before going nuts xD!

i know ring of shields jugernaut and so on but my point right now is that ive been trying to theorycraft a forge guard build and man… there are so many good and strong attacks … but i always end up having a hard time figuring good skills to have on the side… ie: i want to use forge strike and ring of shields but then all my other options are other attacks that would replace forge strike in the rotation but not really synergising with it.

i think it would be nice to have some more options making some skills attack on their own like a sort of use and forget passive attack or maybe have rive have a chance to proc your forge strike as long as it is equiped in your slots basicaly something else of the "ring of shield caliber … so it doesn’t feel as awkward as having 3 different attacks for no actual reason since you always use that 1 attack in most situations. having to input forge strike into a rive rotation and having shield bash on the side makes it sort of clunky and the only thing i seem to see that can help is either paladins heal/judgment or manifest armor which dies rather quick so i dont really need it and it just walk around not really improving or hindering anything… makes 1 or 2 ignite stacks before it bites dust and hit for almost nothing(might just be how i put my masteries in tough)

it might just be me thats not seeing something …i can be wrong but the feel i get so far is that nothing really supplement my main attacks much… nothing aura/defense/passive attacks that i can just fill my bars with so i basicaly end up with move skill damage skill ring of shield and two place holder/unneeded replacement for my main skill.

id like suggestions im running (shield rush(move), ring of shield(aura support yay!), forge strike(more ignite), manifest armor/shield bash/idkwhat, and rive as my main damage and sustain) im trying to push the ignite and bleed damage by using IAS haven’t decided yet if im gonna use rive’s physical increase on ignite consume to go full bleed yet or just stack ignites and bleeds and go full DoT. but the idea is using manifest weapons on both rive and forge strike to help the stacks build up and find a way to make it snowball somehow.

im curently using armor and block as means of defense.

thanks for any tips !

You could also use Smite for the attack speed buff from its Righteous Flurry node, if you have the mana to keep them up (and are willing to go high enough into the Pally tree) theres Sigils of Hope. There’s also Volatile Reversal on the VK tree for mana recovery, attack/cast/movement speed and a dps buff, plus you’ll want a movement skill (Lunge or Shield Rush).

There’s definitely enough support skills for 1 attack, 1 movement and 3 support skills on the bar.

thanks ill definatly look into these and see if i can succesfully incorporate them into a rotation that doesnt feel like everything dies before i can even get to the point of using em xD volatile reversal seems interesting tough if there is enough pts for me to reach … too bad there are no builder online yet ,ill have to wait to be at home i hope those skills arent yet another 2seconds buff that i don’t get to make use of cause by the time i reach my main ability its already run out xD

Things do generally die pretty quickly in the campaign.

yeah so i tried smite but like i tough it does take either forge strike or rive’s place into my rotation therefore making it somewhat useless … tough i took some more time to read shield bash correctly (idk where the hell ive been looking…) and figured it does somewhat what i just said up there xD makes shield bash go off at the end of shield rush as long as bash is in your bars and bash giving you some shred and block and other bonuses so i guess thats the road ill take for now cause other skills pretty much replace another in a rotation or have too low duration to even be considered (ie smite’s 4 sec bonus to speed which last just enough to get 1 or 2 hits in therefore not worth the investment).

at least now i can charge in a pack of enemies damaging em and debuffing them before i forge strike then rive get more physical dmg rince and repeat. seems interesting enough … even tough i gotta rethink a few things to make this worthwhile xD