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Item name blank; cant pick up

i would have loved to reported on discord since it allows pictures…
anyway, big ol’ green spire: my very first set item, havent even got a leg yet.
the name field on the ground is just a blank box, almost like if you didnt have the unicode codex for someone’s language AND (the actual annoying part) i cannot pick it up :frowning:

when i hover over it, it shows me the item: defiance of the forgotten knight; set tower shield.

playing on steam - windows 10 - 64 bit. primalist. level 13. ‘vanilla’ mode. it happened in the lower district - ruined era.

Sorry to hear about this!

Would you have a screenshot you could upload and link to on a site such as Imgur?

note: first time ever using imgur; i dont know if itll be visible.
post note: i played a little while longer after giving up on that item and i actually couldnt pick up ANY items. none of their name boxes were appearing on the ground. i checked that setting for name boxes, and it was ‘on’ and when i hovered over the items it showed the preview in the corner, but could not pick any up.

There is a hotkey that disables the tooltips of items on the ground, which is set to Z by default. It sounds like it must have been enabled by mistake since you aren’t able to pick up any items. Sorry about that!

man, i thought id read the notes, but, ill admit i MAY have skimmed a little LOL
well, the white box around green items is a bug, right? right?? :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for the assist. ill probably re-bind it since i use z in a lot of other games and have muscle memory that doesnt seem to understand im in a different game lol…

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