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Is this patch only have bugs?

All in the title. So much bug with this patch but SO MUCH. Arena bug, beastmaster bug, graphical bug, quest bug, etc…
each time I play I have new bug. This patch is just a joke. Just go back in 0.7.6 it’s impossible to play like that. I can’t play arfena with my spellblade because it’s block at loading after some waves, can’t up my beastmaster because my screen freeze each time I open my skills window, and all of this of course in low details with a RTX 2080 TI and a Ryzen 9 12 core.

I am very sorry about the bugs you’re experiencing. 0.7.7 is one of our largest updates, and unfortunately we did not find every issue before the release.

However, I hope you’ll like to hear that the Beastmaster bug (caused by Entangling Roots) and the Arena bug will be fixed in 0.7.7c, and the quest bug (assuming you mean the Sapphire Tablet quest) was fixed in 0.7.7b already. We’re still looking into graphical bugs; we need more information still.

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