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Is the character sheet bugged?

I am wearing a couple of items that have the affix “x% of damage leeched as health on hit”, yet my character sheet, page 2 (Defence) reads “Health gained on Hit (including spells): 0”


I am a Primalist spamming Ice Thorns; am I regaining health with them or not?


Are you looking at Health Gained on Hit or Damage Leeched as Health?

From your description of the issue it sounds like the affix you have is of the latter type, and that you are looking at the former. The latter affix is 4 lines down on the character sheet page.

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I was looking at the former, however both are showing as 0 on the char sheet.

Any help?

I’m starting to think that “on hit” effects do not work with any spells that hit even though they should. I have the unique Belt that has 70% to proc poison and/or slow “on hit” and there is no sign of either happening when I cast Ice Thorns, a spell which hits.

the pro4ble m that life leech affixes are more specific then on character screen:leech on melee hit, leech on spell hit etc…
this is not shown in character screen.

Global leech is different than leech on hit. Leech on hit I believe is not shown in character sheet. Global leech is something like what you see on bleeding heart unique.

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