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Is it possible to auto cast Death Seal?

I have tried the way you’re suppose to with other spells and it works but it won’t let me with Death Seal, Is that intended?

Must be duo to the node that autocasts

It’s exactly the other way round with autocast. It’s not a feature of LE, so theres no intention to make skills work with autocast. This mechanic is kind if a “workaround” for skills that have an instant cast and a cooldown so they act as a aura style skill when on autocast.

The devs already have stated that they don’t see autocast fall under the terms of use as a tool to automate gameplay. But they also stated that they want to change skills behaviour to not be likely to be autocast.

Death Seal itself is a skill that activates on action and also deactivates on action again. If you read the tooltip carefully you’ll see that this skill cannot be autocast. It would activate and deactivate instantly. There’s no absolutely no use in making death seal autocast.

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