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Inventory glitch

After crafting and fracturing an item I had an issue moving the item out of the crafting block. I then preceded to trying to move another item into the craft block which caused that item to over lap. Shortly there after every item that was currently in my inventory became unmovable and seemingly non existant other than their images. Below is a SS of my inventory, items that have been picked up overlap what used to be there and what was there is unresponsive. I hope this helps with bug fixes!image

Note: happened again upon pressing sort items button. all items in the inventory become unavailable to interact with. after relogging the items still are stacked but they can be interacted with.

Same as here! 3 times today… need relog, Stash Materials, Sort items, relog, and again, like 2-3 times.

Same glitch here after fracturing an item. 2 items are gone but images persists in the inventory. Only one was fractured, second one was sold to vendor after fracturing first one.

Edit: relogged 3 times without any effect

Player.log (71.2 KB)

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