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Intermittently Unable to Craft

So ever since 0.7.10, every now and then, I suddenly become unable to add affixes to items, shatter, or do other things in the crafting panel. When it happens, it lasts until I log out and re-log into the character, then it works again.

Now it seems like it’s happening pretty frequently and I basically have to re-log every time I want to craft anything - frustrating.

Same here, started today. Can’t shatter, remove tiers, etc… until I relog.

Faced with the same bug today as well. I only used to shatter items in my game session.

If I remember correct there should be thread in Bugs section describing similar issue where the root cause was related with affixes search field in crafting window.

Found that thread but it could be different issue:

We’ve been looking into this issue internally but we haven’t been able to consistently make it happen, which makes it difficult to resolve.

If you have this happen, please upload your log file and provide details about what you were doing before it happened. That includes stuff like what item you were crafting on, what crafting items you used, if you had crafted other things before it broke, and so on.