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Infinite Wraiths + AoD ramp up bug

Found an interesting combo of interactions between the Wraith Bringer passive and the Ramping self poison node in AoD. Initially I was sustaining AoD fine with the node taken, then after making a relic swap to test my sustain with it i was no longer able to sustain my hp pool even after swapping back to my previous relic that i was sustaining fine on…I’m assuming the ramping self damage wasn’t actually in effect till this moment for some reason. The real fun began when my character model turned red and started spawning wraiths every time the poison ticked, which was keeping me bouncing between 1 and 40hp and dealing several thousand damage per tick causing me to spawn around 2.2k wraiths(it was beautiful) before the game was eating so much memory that i had to close it via task manager.

My overall assumption is that the game thought I was dying repeatedly which caused the wraiths to constantly spawn even though i wasn’t taking any actual hits from other sources outside AoD but I’m probably wrong. Not sure if this would be exploitable in normal gameplay, but i think after the initial time of dropping low it would spawn wraiths regardless of my current hp, so maybe exploitable? Though idk how many pcs can sustain that much on screen lol

Thanks, it seems that Wraith Bringer counts the player killing itself as a trigger. I wasn’t able to reproduce the exploit but clearly it’s possible with some specific numbers. In any case, changing how the passive triggers should resolve this.