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Infernal shade Corrosion passive why armor shred?

It seems odd that the corrosion passive for the Infernal shade skill is armor shred. Infernal shade is a dot skill, and if you get to corrosion it is also applying bleed, another dot. Neither of these benefit from armor shred. At first I had thought it was physical resist shred when I didn’t look at it closely enough, but I realized it was armor shred. Which seems kind of useless for Internal shade, even if it’s converted to phys. I guess it could add utility to a minion build, but since it’s behind bleed application and effectiveness, it seems like physical resist reduction would be more appropriate.

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I do like if skills have synergies spanning “over their own skill tree”.
So if you go for that armor shred, as you laready mentioned it has some minion synergy and also is a great way to deal more dmg if you have one or two other skills to deal dmg that hit.

Acolyte is a great Phy/Bleed Caster.

Might be because it’s designed to be a combo skill. Anything that is on hit can benefit from the armor shred. For example, if you use Infernal Shade and Blood Curse corpse explosion is pretty good. Rip blood/Marrow Bones combo wouldnt be bad either. Physical Shred could be good for minion to increase their hit DPS etc. I will agree what kinda sucks about the shred is so far 9 points into the tree it’s a pretty hefty investment so you can’t do much after you get it.