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Idol drops

I’m a bit confused about how idols drop. I’ve got a Void Knight using Shield Throw & I was thinking that it might be interesting to use Smite with the attack speed node to speed up my Shield Throwing, so I’m looking for an idol with a % chance to proc Smite with throwing attacks. I know they are available as I’ve seen them (rarely) on my other Sentinels (1 Paladin & 1 Void Knight, can’t remember which one though), but I’ve got my Shiled Throw Void Knight up to lvl 66 & have not seen a single idol with chance to proc Smite!

Therefore I’m curious if idol affixes are only able to drop/spawn if the skill is “native” to that class/mastery. So as Smite is a Paladin skill (it’s on the Paladin tree & yes, I know that you can gain access to it with the other two masteries) perhaps only Paladins will see idols with the % chance to proc Smite?

I’ve now got a lvl 45 Forge Knight & I’ve not seen any idols with the smite affix on that one either,

I don’t know if there are a correlation with class/skills/masterie drop on idols, but i will tell you this. Some of the idols are extremely rare (including smite). On my mage i have been looking for a specific idol, and i have only found 1, i am currently lvl 96 :slight_smile:

You might not be high enough level, no idea of the drop requirements for idols

The easiest way to get good ones though is just from the main vendor, just log in/out over and over, its so boring but it generally works

I found 2 large ‘minions poison % chance’ from the vendor after about 30 mins after spending hours doing monoliths to find the first 3, you can do it with gear affixes - check the vendor for rare ie ‘glancing blow’ buy it/smash it, relog

Also on that note the gambler vendor can now easily get you the best bases in the game from sitting in town rerolling their inventory until you find exactly what you want ie Solarum Plate with T4 Health/Glancing Blow with 0 instability to craft on

Yeah, not sure of the level of my paladin, though I remember seeing them as drops on the pally. I think it’s a relatively rare drop/spawn though as I did need to reset the vendor quite a few times on my pally to get the two that I have.

It just feels like if a particular skill is locked behind a specific mastery that you won’t be able to get an idol with an affix for that skill, even if you can access said skill on the different mastery.

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