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Ideas for Rogue, from a dude that doesn't like Rogue

So, first things first.

I am usually not a big fan of “Rogue” classes/playstyles in general. (In any game)
And i was chatting alot about potential rogue release with alot of friends lately.

The only “rogue-like” thing i did like very much was the Outlaw-Rogue spec from WoW.
Which heavily leans more to the “duelist” kinda theme, with not DoT’s at all and minimal stealth use.
On top of that i really like the “Fencing” / “Dual Wielding with a Pistol” Thematic of it.

So here are some thrown in ideas for the various different masteries.
I do not include many of those “cookie-cutter” rogue ideas, that everybody thinks of, when thinking about rogue, because i am pretty sure they will come in anyway and i don’t like them :slight_smile:
Most stuff is not detailed worked out, just rough frames i would like to see.

Weapons Types introduced with rogue together or later down the line:

  • Rapier/Epee (sharp pointed thrusting weapons) [potentially a little bit different from usual sword, lower base damage but with implicit crit chance?]
  • 1H Pistols/2H Rifles (really early flintlock/frontloaded firearms) [very high base damage, but very slow attack speed]

Even if Firearms do not make it into the game as base type weapons, i would like to see 1 or 2 skills using firearms. (When you use the skill your character pulls out a firearm)

Dual Wielding 1H Range + 1H Melee: This is one of the coolest things ever. Enableing totally new build approaches, but lowering your maximum damage output in both melee and range, but enableing the use of more skills than pure range or pure melee builds. [+1 Style Bonus]


  • More support for dual wielding than any other class/mastery(within passives and for active skills)
  • Various different bonuses for dual wielding different combinations of weapons
  • Defensive cooldown to “parry” incoming “hits” with potential riposte
  • Enough defensive options to go “bruiser/in-the-thick of battle-playstyle” with dodge and glancing blow(yes, that glancing blow)


  • support for “slow-hard-hitting” range playstyle. (some cooldown and some high cost skills)
  • “lock n load” cooldown skill: no ressource cost/very high cooldown recovery for some very short period, after expiring you have “decreased cooldown recovery” (more cooldown), lose all mana and do not regain mana from any source


  • Has a permanent Falcon “companion”, which does not count as minion, but does scale with player stats.(tweaked and balanced of course).
  • Alot of skills that revolve around your Falcon
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You could potentially have penetration instead as an implicit, might be a bit more interesting.

Not sure that would be particularly “accurate”, they’d also need a very low attack speed as well. Which would suck as an item.

I think that would feel really bad to play though.

IMO, I’d like to see more “combo” skills, were each hit advances it a stage gaining different/more effects with each stage. And ideally with that affecting other skills as well. So if you had 3 combo skills, a hit with any one would advance the stage for all of them (so you could mix & match the effects/stages).


Oh boy, Sarno will have another heart attack when he sees this post. :grinning: :laughing:
Joke aside, cool ideas, especially firearms (although I think will not be implemented in this game). Maybe bows and crossbows, but not firearms.

Yes, and I think the devs are also leaning the game in that direction, just look at the Firebrand + Flame Reave interaction.

Yes, though I was more thinking of Rive (with its 3 “states”) or even Anomaly/Death Seal (you cast the spell then it gets replaced with another skill that does something else which returns the skill to the original state).

Why would @Sarno have a heart attack? I think he’s fairly young & has access to the NHS (unless he’s in the South, can’t remember, but they may have something similar), so I’m sure he’d be fine.

Wasn’t him in another post “ideas for rogue” that almost clashed with the author? That’s why.

Ah, yes. That.

Heavy’s already signed away his soul in the tester NDA anyway. @Sarno could probably harvest Heavy’s body parts for the black market if he wanted to with no recourse…

Not that I’m saying he would of course…

Agreed on the Rapier/epee penetration, that could be a cool new unqiue implicit.

All the other stuff we both probably both value totally different stuff as “fun”.
I would like the slow-hard hitting range play style ALOT, combined with the “lock n load” suggestions i did.

But well i think thats kinda the great part about video games, everybody enjoys something different.

The combo idea is great too, i guess alot of people would like that.

Well, i don’t see any reasons to not implement firearms, would really fit the game with the whole timetraveling aspect.

Firearms are already “existent” in the Imperial Era (On The Imperial Dreadnought) and could potentially even have some “magic/void” touch, since alot of stuff from the imeprial era is still around in the ruined era, just sort of “corrupted”

I know what you are talking about, but i would not dare to do the same here, what caused “the clash”

Llama, DUDE, don’t tell anyone. Now they know i sold my self to EHG. :imp:

They defenitely could do firearms. Time travelling allows lazor weapons, too. I see the rogue conquering a downed spaceship while dual wielding a light saber and a blaster… wait, wrong IP… :sweat_smile:


Thats all i needed to unfriend you on steam. HOW DARE YOU !:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: