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I have a decent boss

I’m in the UK, boss is in AT, she’s a decent boss, in part because she sends me packs of these in the post from time to time:

And when she flies over (pandemics notwithstanding), she brings a bag or two once a year.

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(Almost) very german :smiley: (please don’t kill me AT people)

Those things are delicious^^

:smiley: Isn’t the difference between DE & AT similar to the difference between US & CA (ie, none. :wink: )? :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately I am required to share them with youngest offspring.

Edit: And the marzipan in them is noticably nuttier than the marzipan we have over here.

I think the situation is quite similar. AT and CH basically using german as a language (written), but they have very different dialect (pronunciation), sorry i am not a linguistic guy, so the exact terminology might be different.

But i think (most) AT and CH people are not happy when you compare them to germans :smiley:

And those delicious little balls are orignally from AT, but as i said the language is german^^

Yeah, one of my friends from work is Swiss & her view on the Austrian dialect was quite amusing, though not one I’d share with my boss… and being a typical Brit, I’m linguistically limited (though I do understand the odd word that I hear in German).

It is really funny when german, swiss and austrian people try to communicate without trying to suppress their dialect.

Same applies to bavaria, which uses the same basic dialect as austria and some parts of italy(south tirol).

They basically can’t understand each other xD

For me as a german bavaria is a foreign country^^

Yeah, you can get the same problem in English with a very strong Irish or Scottish accent, and to a lesser extent the accents from Manchester, Liverpool & the bottom left of England (Devon/Cornwall). And I spent many years taking the piss out of my niece’s Brummie (Birmingham) accent. They all know that the Home Counties (counties adjacent to London) accent is the correct one.

Yeah already heard about that scottish/irish stuff, i think it is indeed very similar to that bavarian thing. it depends on the region ,there are alot of sub-dialect, some even used totally different vocabulary.

But there are also some similar things(with less imapct) all over germany. alot of regional dialects.

Languages are indeed fascinating

And sorry if i brought you very important “Off-Topic” off-topic :smiley:

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It’s in off-topic, does that mean that it can’t go off topic?

That is indeed a very philosophical question.

But i hope you can forgive me personally, i will send you a pack of Mozartkugeln in case you are very upset about that off-topic <3

But we are not that far apart from each other(depending on where you live exactly), some parts of bavaria are further away from me than england :smiley:

As long as it’s one of the 1kg packs from the factory (not the 100g packs you need to remortgage your house to buy from Salzberg airport).

I guess it probably depends on where you live (too lazy to check in the “introduce yourself” thread)…

Amusingly, “London Ashford” airport is closer to France than London.

Lazy Lama :smiley:

I am from nothern germany, close to the “Ostsee”, between Kiel and Lübeck.
Some parts of bavaria are over 700-800 km away from me(straight line), while england is about 600-800 km away from me, depending where you want to measure.

Lübeck has a very famous candy manufacturer called “Niederegger”, they predominantly make stuff with marzipan.
Not sure how well known that stuff is in Endgland, but alot of my international friends i visited were blown away by stuff from them :smiley:

Yes, but with 2x Ls. You could even imagine the Ls stand for Lazy Llama, not too innaccurate given I should be working…

That is very odd.

You continentals just have an unhealthy love of praline. Our marzipan is like yours, just with a milder taste.

I know, did leave that out on purpose to annoy you <3

You mean odd as not accurate? Or if you think about it it feels strange that some other countries over seas are closer than some parts of your own country?

Nothing is like Lübecker Niederegger Marzipan, trust me. And i do know alot of different marzipan^^

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That’s ok then. :slight_smile:

Yes, odd as in strange that a foreign country with some water inbetween it & the mainland can be closer than the furthest bit of your own country. He says thinking about Scotland. Or not.

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I guess people living in the US or Russia will have greater issues with that^^. both seems like to go around half the globe(not literally) xD

Ok. I’m calling foul. If you don’t have enough to go around stop flaunting it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I never said I didn’t have enough to do… :wink:

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I meant enough of those chocolates to share. :stuck_out_tongue: So start handing them out. ASAP. :joy:


Ah, yeah, no.

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