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I don't think all feedback have the same value

i disagree, new players become old players with the same complaints the old players have, but old players do not retrograde back to new players and get the same silly thoughts they used to have…
this is the nature of things, that’s why it is of pivotal importance for noobs to learn what they don’t yet know, before they decide to play wise for some crazy reason

i told my friend, “this game is very playable, wanna try?”
(plz bare in mind that i recommended this game after i played it for quite a while and that i’m confident that this game will grow on him)
he told me, “it looks like a mess, i don’t want in, i’ll go play d3”
question: is his opinion of great worth???
i personally don’t think so!

We are building a game that we want to give new players a positive experience so that they convert into long term players. People who have 1000+ hours have pre-existing knowledge of the systems which skew their experience. We do take experience with our game and experience with the genre as a whole in to account when considering feedback from a player.

If a new player says “Skill A is so underpowered” - but we know that it’s the key to the top performing build on the ladder. So, while their feedback that it’s underpowered is “wrong”, the fact that a new player feels that it’s underpowered probably exposes a different problem. Maybe the skill is not intuitive to use or the thing that makes it strong is buried in some obscure combo that converts an element and ailment to be able to work together using several uniques on weird classes or something. Thus their feedback is very valuable to us.

This is one of many examples of valuable feedback from new players that experienced players typically don’t give.

I know this might not be what you want to hear but you were very disrespectful in that thread. I appreciate your feedback. I need you to be able to have a debate without resorting to name calling.

I do value your friend’s feedback that “it looks like a mess”. Maybe he saw old media and we need to do a better job at updating the versions of things that are out in the wild. Maybe he didn’t like a specific thing he saw that put him off it immediately. Getting more information about what put him off would be even more helpful.

Edit: Also, I never said all feedback has the same value.


and i do believe there is a good time for suggestion posting, for example, when the DEVs have decided to pull u off the ladder so u no longer need to optimize ur build, wait for ur wife to leave the house and grind for 7+ hours to figure out just how hard the arena waves can get and get a position on the ladder as a bonus award.
now, this is a good time to post what u learned about this game!
i have no idea why some lvl 10 sweeping the ancient cavern (like that “senshi” dude) has game-balance ideas, how they could be so shameless is beyond me…

Please re-read this.