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How work Divine Bolt?



I would like to know if anyone could enlighten me on the functioning of divine bolt, paladin’s talent tree.
Is it changed clearly by:

  • Elementary damage?
  • Fire damage?
  • Spell damage?
  • Melee fire Damage?

So what kind of wand will be the most suitable:

  • Increased Base Spell Damage?
  • Increased Elemental Damage?

I did some test but I lack precision in these, if ever someone has the answer thank you in advance!


Wiki says it’s a spell that hits with fire damage.
So increased spell damage, elemental damage, fire damage work additively with same effectiveness.
Melee damage doesn’t work, fire or not.

Base spell damage, however, is a different beast. It multiplies your spell’s base damage, so effectively works as multiplier. Doesn’t matter how much increased damage you already have, a wand with +100% base spell damage will double your damage with all spells (provided you don’t have other items that boost base spell damage; there are armors and amulets that have small amounts in their base stats).

That said, you have to somehow balance your build’s overall damage output. Scepters usually have some melee damage combined with medium amounts of base spell damage; wands have best base spell damage, but don’t have any melee damage iirc.


Ok thank you Magaiti for your answer

so basically if I’m doing a build that is based on divine bolt dps it’s better that I have a wand with 250 Increased Base Spell Damage right ? ( i’ve got one with 249% )


Yes, Prophecy Wand is best caster weapon.
But if your DPS includes melee damage, Moonstone Sceptre might be better, because of added melee damage.

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