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How to endlessly spin to win (Sentinel without mana problems? Its a thing)

The beautiful thing about Warpath? You don’t need to scale it for damage. In fact you can scale it to give you mana. The rest is endless spamming your Lunge, Holy Aura and Ring of Shields. Mobility, defenses, stun immunity, whats not to love? Best thing is you don’t have to gear for damage either. Most of it comes from ignites, procs, explosions and some Judgement thrown in for the big guys. Key ingredient here is, as always, the Eye of Reen. Its too good of a weapon, what can I say. Soulfire is also good. Don’t see the point of any other unique.

Manged to reach arena level 134 on the first test drive, got sandwiched between two of those big fleshy guys, couldn’t move, RIP. I am pretty sure it can do 150+ though. 200+ no problem with better gear (I have intelligence on my armor ffs).

Anyway, here is my 130 arena run. Shows it can take damage but also dish it out.

Skills and trees


Still work in progress so no detailed guide yet. All I gotta say is - be careful how you whirl. The way the guy finds his path is horrendous. You cant click behind someone and expect your character to get there, you gotta gently direct them every step of the way.

Just started setting up this build. I’m only 32, I believe, but it’s already pretty cool. Your vid made me definitely wanna try it. Holy Aura is just helping me shred through everything right now. Nice job!

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