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How do I drop items when my bag is full?

How do I drop items when my bag is full?

You should be able to mouse-drag-and-drop items from your inventory to the ground.
If you can’t, it’s probably because you are standing in a spot littered with so many items there’s no free space left anywhere near you. Try moving half a screen to the side and repeat.
If this doesn’t work, it’s a bug.

I’m left click to move so when I try to drag and drop an item I just walk over to that spot instead. I suppose I could remap it, but there’s no better way?

My bad.
Actually, you left-click on the item in your inventroy once, to pick it up, then move mouse out of your inventory and left-click to drop.

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That was it. I was holding the button down the whole time.

Next newb question. I made a necro and I have a wand, but she only wants to melee. There’s no handy ranged attack button like the melee attack button?

right click button is customizeable, you can put any skill to it.
afaiu by default it has basic attack.
you can open skills (S) and drag-and-drop a skill to the quickbar, to replace the basic attack on RMB.
or click on basic attack on quickbar and select a skill from the opened popup list (its slightly bugged and doesn’t always show recently aqcuired skills though)

other 4 buttons (QWER) work the same way.

Yes, but the one that says attack makes her melee. Is the wand not a ranged weapon in this game? She needs to pewpew.

you should replace the attack with a spell. I just explained how in my previous post.
Maybe you are using a melee attack skill, like Harvest?

Discord is saying the wand is a melee weapon. Hopefully they’ll add pewpew later.

Eww, well my advice is to never use basic attack ever.
spam cheap spells or attack skills other than basic attack.

It’s a vital part of Hogwarts RP.

“My wand can be pushed into an enemy’s brain through their eye socket”
`` Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, Chapter 16: Lateral Thinking

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