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Help with Unlimited Power node (and powers like it)

Static tree, ‘Unlimited Power’ node casts Lightning Blast instead of Zap. Does this mean that, if I have the Lightning Blast tree, that my “Unlimited Power” will use the Lightning Blast’s tree skills, or is a raw Lightning Blast as if I didn’t have the tree at all?

Also, how does the node Unstable (+1 target/Zap) interact with Unlimited Power (Zap is now Overload)? Do they not mesh at all since Unlimited Power overrides or something else?

This is something that would be nice if it were a little more clear.

Thanks in advance.

If you have Lightning Blast specialised then Unlimited Power will use your specialised Lightning Blast (which is what I’m doing on one of my Mage builds). Though I’ve not tried Unstable, I would assume it would not have any effect as Static would be casting Lightning Blast, not Zap.

Unstable works like you’d expect it to as far as I can tell. Where the interactions get strange is with insidious conduction which is supposed to convert LB into a channeled skill with a 50 mana per second cost - but apparently LB still retains a flat cost.

Unstable is a great way to scale out single target lightning blast. I run convergence + insidious conduction for offensive ward generation and the procs from Static running Unlimited Power + Unstable generate a very nice chunk of ward as you run around. Scaling unstable out is going to need good static charge generation… I might need to try running an idol/s but then have limited ward at a distance…

You can also run it offensively as a generator of closed circuit stacks. Depends on where you’re at defensively and whether you’re using LB actively, too. I liked Focal Blast quite a bit… until I tried Convergence - that’s serious single target damage.

Insidious Conduction + Closed Circuit amplifies very fast - but so do shock stacks with convergence, channeled convergence more so…

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