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Help! Can't login!

Just recently downloaded the game. I can’t seem to login, the message is:

An error occurred when logging in.

I have followed the suggestions at the link suggested. I am entering the proper email and password according to the info I provided to create my account here. Please help! Can’t wait to try this!

Hi Tiagodias, sorry you’re having issues logging in. We’ll do our best to fix it for you.

  • Are you using the same login credentials for the forum as the game?
  • Which error code are you getting? (It should look something like [LE-04] but with a different number probably.)

Thanks Mike, yes same credentials. No actual error, just the message as stated above :frowning:

Which version of the game are you playing on? I think it’s probably struggling because it’s not up to date. That error message is from an old version of the game.

I’ve just noticed that your account doesn’t have beta access. Which platform did you purchase the game on? Steam or our website.

I found the problem. I wasn’t aware this was a pay beta, I will go ahead and delete now =/ My apologies. I had seen some great reviews regarding this game by respectable members of this community. Anyhow, I can’t afford to pay to beta test. Thanks anyhow, I suppose I shall return if this blows up as expected. Thank you for taking the time. Stay safe! Much love and keep up the great work :100:

Ahh, that makes sense now. I hope to see you back down the road. Have a good one :smile:

I am Canadian too! lol sorry there is always a sense of pride in finding others!

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