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Hello Alternative Reality


Have you ever dreamed of time travels ? What would you change in your life if you had such ability ?


I would go into the future and just leave myself weird messages to freak myself out. I wouldn’t even remember I did it - I have a terrible memory


Hahaha man, this is probably the best reply to such questions!


I would not each the sandwich I had for lunch so I could eat it now instead. But maybe I did do that and that’s why I’m still hungry. Paradox!


I’d tell myself to stop being a lazy ass when I was in my late teens and early twenties


Yes, I traveled back in time to save a dragon from petrification. No I would generally not use the power. You would have to weigh the pros and cons as theoretically you’re leaving a timeline which you’ve poped out of existance from that point on.


Last Epoch would be surpassing 5M players.


I would probably see what I’ll turn in the future and get back to the past to fix the problems.


If I could ever time travel I’d go into the past and change it so that Wednesday is AFTER Tuesday.


Hello all!!


This guy…


hello :3c, What are the minimum requirements of the game? :3c



It’s hard to say, as the game is still early in development; so efforts to optimise it haven’t been concluded just yet, and a lot of the various settings which would be customisable at release aren’t implemented. You can try out the public demo if you join the Discord server (link). It’s a free download, and then you’ll know how the game runs on your system. :slight_smile: