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Healthbars over enemies sometimes stay over dead bodies

This was introduced in 0.7.2
I have “Display health bars over enemies” turned on in Settings/Gameplay.
In 0.7.1 the health bars always disappeared as soon as enemy died. even if it was a resurrecting enemy, there was no healthbar visible until it revived.
in 0.7.2 sometimes healthbars stay over enemy corpses. This gets really confusing, especially when the ground is covered in prominent visual effects like entangling vines, camouflaging both dead and living enemies. Sometimes the only clue I have is damage numbers not floating any more.

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Can confirm it, happens on every rift.

I’m having trouble reproducing this (and I don’t recall seeing it on the streams I’ve seen). If it isn’t happening for you with all enemies, knowing which enemies you see it happen on and what Monolith layout you were in will help a lot!

Once I know a few enemies that have the issue I’ll prioritize looking into this.


I recall this happening mostly (or exclusively) to enemies that spawn when you kill other enemy. I remember fighting one guy and then having a bunch of corpses with bars. Either they spawn already dead or my AoE killed them very quickly.
Sorry for not being specific in my first post.

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