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Health Regeneration is useless. So ANY leech character is FAR superior than a regen one

Played Necromancer till 74 and oh boy it’s unbalanced.
I went with what i thought was a logic decision: get minions, buff them as much as possible. Stack defense for yourself and minions. Grab as much health regeneration as possible. Run around, let minions do the job.

That was before my minions and i started to get REKD around wave 80 in the arena and i looked deeper into the core problem.
Oh boy… 20 life regen with 100% increased investment.
30 with 200% investment. Assuming i have 800-900 life , this will take about 30 to 45 second of standing still without taking damage to actually regenerate full life.
This is 100% useless. For both Summoner and Minions as well. Golem has insane life on him, it will take an HOUR for him to regenerate to full health.
Keep in mind i am only talking about Necromancer, i haven’t tried Beastmaster, i heard it’s a little better, but still the problem persists.
The base life regen is just so ATROCIOUS that even if you increase it by 500% it’s still worthless compared to leech, life on hit and especially insane ward mechanics.

For you. You need to stack some flat health regen before the %increased health regen becomes good. There are hybrid affixes for that. And as an Acolyte you can actually stack it up quite a bit. I agree it isn’t super good and it needs a buff somehow, but you can stack up to 100+ health regen fairly easy from the flat health regen on gear.

For you minions. As an Acolyte, health regen isn’t really worth it since they have between 1 and 2 flat health regen. Which doesn’t scale as you level up. But the Acolyte minions, compared to Primalist companions, are quite different, the Acolyte minions are thematically used as fuel and disposable. It is possible to make them tough, but late game they are gonna struggle.

Overall I agree life regen needs a buff, both on gear affixes and for Acolyte minions.

Stacking something is not a problem in general, the problem is you have to drop other viable stuff for that. You just can’t afford it because it’s not worth it losing other stats


Especially the amount you’d need to even be comparable to leech…
Yeah, my pet primalist has the same problem. I get huge resists etc. through my totems, but the damage I do still take takes too long to regenerate.

How I wish wd could have the regen rate of some mobs xD

I do agree health regen could use a buff. I’ve generally been advising people to stay away because the rates are so minuscule its not worth the investment.

I also don’t know how to fix it. More flat regen on gear?

Increasing the flat regen to start makes it OP early game. Increases based upon character level would break the rule that no player defenses scale with just a level, only skill points. Add flat regen to the existing %health regen passives?

Increasing the regen values too much would break the game, and make challenges trivial.

However, if they put passives on certain trees that increased the base values to make it usable for certain classes but devaluing leech values to make leech unusable, I think that could be a valid solution

Having a regen based character allows the player to not use an attack skill at all.
That means +1 extra skill slot
You can be a summoner, with no attack skill. Just summons and buffs.

So leech SHOULD be FAR superior because it requires an attack skill, and requires you to attack.
You can’t just run away and back to full health, or AFK and always full health.

Regen shouldn’t be SO GOOD that you don’t need life leech, don’t need to attack.

A regen based character that can survive without attacking should have to sacrifice somewhere (gear prefix)

Edit: I do agree about pet regen though

This is true but currently leech is waaaay too powerful and requires almost no investment to have all that power. Health Regen requires a very significant investment (giving up mitigation stats on gear!) and is still a bit lackluster.

I haven’t gone into a full regen build so I don’t know how powerful it is, but leech is way too strong ATM which makes other forms of life recovery feel bad.

Yeah, as is always the problem with percentage-based Life Leech. You only need to increase your damage to also increase your life leech, which makes life leech by far the most efficient option.
I don’t think you can find a balance in this. Gaining flat health values per hit instead of percentages might help, at least it’s a lot easier to balance. In return, it has to scale with attack/cast speed to not make quick attacks vastly superior to slow ones.
You could balance the values to a point where life on hit is better than health regen, so that you need less equipment investment to get the same amount of effective health regain, so it’d still be more attractive for everyone with direct damage skills, but isn’t as free as life leech that automatically increases through more damage.

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