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[HC Perspective] There should be easier endgame

Hi guys,

the game is so much fun, that I lvled new HC Chars. Thing is, there is no easy endgame. The storry becomes difficult as u progress, what is totally fine. But hitting endgame some chars become almost unplayable in HC. Even PoE, which is known to be very challenging, has easy endgame, and the problems start with red maps. LE endgame feels like redmaps right from the beginning!

Besides that the risk reward ratio feels bad conserning the modifiers! U kinda copied the chances from PoE, but PoE Forces one to roll those mods to sustain maps and alcs! LE doesn´t do that, and it´s a bad System anyways!

As mentioned this is the perspective of a HC only player that is not the most skilled player!

Kind Regards

Hey there,

this sounds like a ver subjektive statement. You are able to outlevel the story by a lot if you clear the maps and that’s a non issue. You can reset Monolith after 5 steps and don’t have to run 50 in a row.
If you think PoE is easy you should have no issues with LE. The biggest issue I still see with the requirement to build tank, tank and even more tank and for HC maybe a bit of tank on top of it. Under 50% resis the game is artificaly hard because you take a lot of dmg but it smoothens out at some point.

Every input is important at the end of the day and maybe we’ll see a supprise and more people come up and say the game is to hard.

I even mentioned it´s subjektive! I don´t think PoE is easy, for me PoE is too hard, cause I hit a hardwall above lvl 90! That´s one reason why I´m looking for another game!

I didn´t outlevel the storry, but the difficulty is just fine. But than running into endgame I hit big problems with my sacrific char so I rerolled! Having played a bit of endgame I can say that it becomes easier with time, as u get alot of lootexplosions.

Nevertheless T1 maps are a joke compared to the transition LE does!

I don´t think endgame is too hard….but the transition from storry! In PoE there is that big releave after finishing Uberlab…… with LE problems just start! Or let´s say the game gets easier after killing kitava. In LE the last boss is not particularly hard, but some monsters on the way. Than u´r done, and with some Chars u hit a wall! Imho the game should be easier at the beginning of endgame than it was with the end of the storry, just to become more and more difficult than! Personal preferance is not as rippy as PoE!

I hope to be constructive! :o

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What do you call Endgame? Arena is intentionaly hard. Monolith the other endgame activity we got right now is scaleable like you want to and you need to make only 5 in a row and you can reset the stacking mods on enemys.

Another tip even if you might not like it: Play something simple for the beginning. Werebear Druid is the most down to earth class and then look if something changes. I got my but kicked a couple of times untill I changed some behaviours I had, maybe this could help you as well.

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Having played more endgame I have to admit that it´s not too difficult. But still the point remains, that endgame is very difficult after u finish the Campaign for the first time!

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