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Have to remap gamepad each time I launch game

Technically it isn’t -every- time. Sometimes it remembers my last setting, and this success case seems to happen when I already had my controller activated when starting the game (this does not always work).

So I think it is saving configuration to wherever it is supposed to be saving it, but doesn’t always read it from there.

Sorry about this! I don’t believe we’ve experienced this issue internally, so some more information would help a lot.

If this happens again, can you please upload both your log files? What kind of controller are you using, and what controls are you rebinding? (screenshots of the Input menu would be enough).



I got a new pc and have this issue no longer occurs after remapping once. My best guess is it was caused by the switch over from keeping save data in registry to files.

FWIW I didn’t notice any other issues with settings data or saved characters.

I spoke too soon. Even on my new pc the gamepad config is inconsistently resetting itself.

old pc was win 7 64 bit, new one is win 10 64.