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Has anyone told them about the Graphics?

when will be the preview of 0.7.7 SARNO?

It’ll be a while yet; our last content patch was only two-ish weeks ago. :slight_smile:

okay! success at work.

And yet we need moar!

Im not ready for 0.7.7 yet. Take your time. Still finding new idol affixes daily abd haven’t played lich or necro. Take. Your. Time.

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It would be one thing if the game had these crappy graphics and performed well, but to have these sup-par graphics and still perform like I’m slogging through sand is terrible.

This may be my favorite post I have read since coming here.

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But it is obvious that he is right. Seems I also have a small brain. I needed to read the post three times to figure out what he means.

I am glad someone takes the lead and finds kind words to address the issues. :crazy_face:

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I have a huge brain. When I was in secondary school biology we plotted the class’s skull circumference against height, everyone but 1 person (me) was clustered on a diagonal line (from bottom left to top right).

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Same here . I’m a walking candy apple.

“You have a big head. It’s too big for your body.”

is there any possibility of implementing wings as an item type? as it was in the MUonline game?

I think we’re more likely to see wings as mtxes.

what is mtxes?

micro-transactions. paid cosmetics items.

Do the devs have someone to work on lightning FX or just using some pre-generated stuff? Some of effects look like they are made for PS2 by looking at them, but still somehow manage to eat a lot of resourses .
Like that golem aura animation, is this a placeholder?
Also, all textures look like plastic-like, is this intended? Reflection seems off.

everything that is walking LE to me I like. Except the graphics and animations are really discouraging, I don’t know if the final improvement of the game will be as good as in the current arpgs, in contrast I like everything else.


Yes, the core of gameplay is rock-solid. So its kinda surprising to see how game look when everething else is top-notch. I wish devs good luck, they alredy pulled quite a job :bm: .

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People need to be careful about balking at these comments… As a preface, I think the art is actually pretty well done (notice I said art, not GFX) and provides a lot of room for flexibility and improvement. Also, I’m in love with what this game is doing mechanically. It’s fresh, well thought out and implemented really well. On top of that, the devs seem to truly have a deep rooted love for the genre and their brain-child.

With all that being said, the current state of the GFX will ABSOLUTELY turn people off to the game, which limits the potential revenue the game can earn (and subsequently limits available assets for continued development as we move forward). While this may be something that doesn’t bother us boomers who grew up with 8-bit, it is going to be a negative in terms of pulling in a certain subset of potential players.

TLDR: don’t just object to an idea/complaint strictly to take the hipster position on the point. There’s always a middle ground to consider.


There’s no doubt LE isn’t the prettiest game in the genre, but neither is Path of Exile. Personally, I find PoE to be one of the most off-putting games graphically (except animations), yet that game is the dominant force in the genre. Getting the mechanics part of the game right is the most important thing for a Diablo-like, and I appreciate that EHG has made that a priority. That being said, they have also committed to improving the look of this game, as evidenced by the graphical improvements that show up basically every patch, and the recent announcement that they are looking for more artists. But I don’t think making this game look great is a prerequisite for making a great game in this genre. Of the three highest grossing games (PoE, Diablo 3, Grim Dawn), only Diablo is really considered a graphically attractive game, and it’s getting long in the tooth. Wolcen is the clear leader in graphics, and I think at this point it’s also clear that they have a lot of work to do on the mechanics side if they want to maintain long term success (and Wolcen’s mechanics aren’t bad, they’re just unfinished).


That is my concern, too. I have to admit that I got confortable with the actual graphics while playing more and more. So I got the opinion that the graphics are ok. But when you see other games and how great they look (Wolcen, Diablo 4, POE 2) you realise how LE should look like.

But the game engine has the potential. You can see improvements with every patch. We have not reached the limit yet. Here’s a link to a reddit post showing images of coming improvements.

This looks really good in my opinion and I am not that nervous anymore :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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