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Graphical issues since patch

Noticing a lot of graphical issues since the patch. Example, look at your health and mana bubbles, see the graphic extending beyond the golden circle? Notice that poison clouds aren’t fluffy auras/clouds…they look blocky instead. Projectiles look blocky. My abilities are landing on top of environmental objects that are on a different Z axis than the monsters are.



This started happening for me a few days ago.

Same for me

Same…too many perfomance issues.

is that with grain enabled or disabled in advanced options?

I have no idea. I logged in and graphics are different.
I logged in just now and not only is the healthbar graphic extending beyond the circle, it also looks 8bit now too along with other graphics. A tome I had equipped was all blurried out yet my other gear was fine.

Same here

Some of the ground textures are extremely blurry too since the patch, I checked my settings to make sure it was the same as before and even changed them to see if it fixes it, but it didn’t.
I cranked every setting up to ultra and highest resolution, don’t rmember it looking that bad before:

Same here got some graphic errors, both health and mana globe, and also item in the bank


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I think a dev said they made changement to the texture streaming with last patch and it had unexpected blurred textures. I guess it might be solved next patch

@Quinoa I have a full topic about that elements blur.
Well, good to see I’m not the only one having the issue there. Thought it was only me.

Most of these issues should be resolved with 0.7.0f-- please let us know if any aren’t!

Off the top of my head, skill and environment resolution is back to normal but I’m not certain about Tome of Elements or the health globe.

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Didn’t notice these blurry textures anymore, thanks.

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