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Graphic crash (but still got the sound)

Hello there,

I seem to have a strange problem.

I was playing with my ignite/fire Flamereave Spellblade, fighting the corrupted lake boss and some funny thing happened : all of a sudden my screen went grey, well, it had thin stripes of clear and darker gray, i still had the music and sound effects but couldn’t do anything more. I had to reboot my computer.

It happened twice today with the same build, although the first time i wasn’t specced in ignite but playing with mana strike

I play in very low, and i have a not so great computer (mother board and processor are like 8 years old if i remember correctly). You’ll find my spec attached to this topic.

Oh, one thing to notice, my computer can get unstable and i have to clean install it at least once a year. it sometimes can’t even boot as it gets stuck one the BIOs starting page with graphical glitches (green pixeized lines). The newest reset happened in august

Thanks in advance (13.9 KB)