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Gold Find

Initially, I thought a gold find affix would be cool for those among us who have squandered thier wealth on the gambler, or the hoarders with 43 tabs (and in need of 43 more).

But I don’t think I want “gold find” affixes randomly sullying my drops (which are already compromised by the abundance of minion affixes).

So my suggestion is a % increase in gold amount shard and/or a % chance to find gold shard that drops either rarely from random mobs or perhaps some kind of quest reward.

An alternative choice could be a unique item that improves gold find chance and quantity.


I don’t really like any MF or Gold Find stats competing with combat stats. Even Blizzard realised this and said they won’t do it for D4. It feels awful that I have to weaken my character in order to find more gold.


I understand but if it only falls as a shard, and if it only occurs on one item… Then it is PURELY a choice. Gear dropping won’t be compromised w/ an unwanted gold find affix. If it were introduced as i’m suggesting, it would have ZERO affect on your gold find. YOU, could just opt out. This wouldn’t be forcing anything on anyone.

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I understand it’s a choice, but it’s not an interesting choice to make. There’s an opportunity cost of crafting a combat stat vs crafting a meta stat if they occupy the same affix slot.

If there’s a dedicated slot for meta affixes (like Warframe), then I would support the idea. Let’s say we have a bracelet slot that can only have meta slot (MF/gold find/item quantity etc).

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You mean its not an interesting choice FOR YOU.

I’d love to make a “gold find” set. I find it very interesting.


You probably should realise that everyone’s opinion carries the same weight in this forum. I typed that comment, so of course that is MY opinion. No need to be aggressive, let’s just have a civilised discussion.

I understand but making a statement “its not an interesting choice to make” and saying “To me Its not an interesting choice”. One your stating as fact, the other is an opinion. The latter is probably a bit more diplomatic.

And your agress-O-meter is over tuned. I’m not currently being aggressive. Argumentative? probably.

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Since crafting the gold find shard occupies a slot that could be used for something else, I think this is a reasonable option. My only worry would be players that can run high levels even with builds decked out in GF. That might be hard on the economy once trading hits.

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D2, favorite game all time(its why half of us are here right?) and one of my favorite hobbies was to go play my GF Barb, smash out travincle for a hundred-thousand or more and then mule it to my high lvl when I’m capped. Gambling circlets for 30/20/2’s or 2/20/2’s etc was an easy in on the trade market and it was fun to score one.

I think maybe, even, what I enjoyed more was the GF item hunt! Doing Baal runs, or some other activity on another character, and you find a rare with %GF on it, and also decent/great stats; fucking awesome lol.

Personally I wouldn’t mind GF% as natural drops on gear sullying our affix pool. Honestly I’d rather see more trash mods and a push to a 6affix pool(3prefix 3suffix), 1) to lessen the imposition of CB/CA and 2) to make a “perfect item” feel special(because currently 4 “perfect” affixes are too easy to get). All that aside, I wouldn’t mind the Shard-only form either way.

I just like the idea of a GF character. In a way its almost like a challenge character. It’s weaker, and you may struggle with it, but you’re getting rewarded with heaps of gold to gamble with later.


What if Magic find and Gold find and exp increase shards did drop, BUT could only be crafted onto a relic(different from current implemented relics) that had its own slot on your inventory gear slots.

Or implemented differently what if you just passively gained 1% more MF and GF per level, So at level 100 You would 99% more Gold than a level 1 char that killed the same mob, this would bypass shards and crafting and slots altogether. *Numbers Subject to change

Or implemented even more differently MF/GF Increased the more kills you got when you logged in, Say 1% per 100 kills and maxed at 100% increase (10,000 Kills) So every time you logged a character in this bonus would restart and isnt saved when you log out

Or another way would be for GF/MF to be left the way it is which is balanced atm and doesnt really need to be touched.


Im 100% behind this idea. As V4V3 already pointed out it was a blast trying to make a GF Barb in D2 and go “honk”“honk” the High Council, and then go gamble some nifty Dual Leech rings or +2 Amu/Circlet.
It would also give those of us that dont care much for Arena or Mono, a purpose with our high level chars.
I wouldnt mind it interfering with the current item stats as i find it easy enough to get good gear in this game, or having it as shards, or idols/uniques only or whatever, it all works for me



Yea this one is good. A dedicated slot for meta affixes would be fine. It can compete with other meta affixes like MF.

I’m of the opinion that meta type affixes shouldn’t be on gear at all, but encorporated via a different system entirely.

Something similar to boardman’s mention but like D3’s paragon system - implemented at max level+ and only for meta stats.

Perhaps to fit LE lore and such your character could gain “affinity” for maximizing gains in certain timeline archetypes for the monolith, and other endgame activites.

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I really would prefer not to see a paragon system in this game. It’s one thing to tie it to MF or GF, but there are complications there too(such as reducing the base value of those mechancis to allow scaling to not become out of control). But as soon as combat stats get tied to a post-cap progression system, and it scales infinitely, like the Paragon system, you get into an endgame meta where farming Paragon Exp is the only thing that matters.

In D3, farming as 4mans(more exp than solo) just to get paragon points, so you have an edge on people that are not, becomes a race and a fulltime job. The competitive meta turns into 1) spam 4mans for paragon points until the last week of the season, so you have a large competitive edge and then 2) do your solo/2man ladder farming and place as high as you can. Sure it’s fun initially, but no one likes the feel of a rat race, or highly forced objectives. Burnout is real in that kind of situation.

Just popping in to give my 2 cents.

I don’t like the idea of mf or gf gear. We get modifiers for that on monolith already. Also Arena gold drop is decent. No need to increase this even more.

Also I don’t like the paragon system from d3. It disencourages people to start the game later.

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I agree. If such a system were implimented it would be only for “meta” or extra type stats like mf/gf, pickup radius, etc. It would also not be infinite like d3 in my vision, and could even be implimented so that it levels during normal game too instead of just at cap. Maybe like torchlight’s (?) fame system where rares/champions/bosses give fame exp.

Indeed. However the system I’m imagining would coinside with that via the affinity for timelines idea. That way your character would specialize in certain types of timelines (specific map types, mechanically, as they are now) and make the choice between timlines even more weighted. Additionally, depending on how all the other endgame systems get implimented, this idea would allow specialization into those as well. That way you could get some of that d2 feel of having an mf/boss run/pvp specialized gearset character without having it tied to affixes on gear.


I kinda like the idea of “specialising” in certain zones & getting more mf/gf/etc for it, given that they are randomly chosen by the monolith system & you can’t control that. So you may well have a choice between a zone that would give you your extra gf, but has the “enemies have a chance to dodge for the next X timelines” modifier & then you need to choose between better on that particular timeline & harder X timelines or not.


Yeah. This doesn’t sound bad.

Defenitely preferred to having additional affixes for this on gear. I hated to swap gear in D2 just to deal the killing blow with mf gear. No fun mechanic.

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Wait, what? Sorry I think I may be having a bit of a comprehension issue with your reply lmao.

The way you typed it sounds exactly like it currently is, at least for monoliths (no mention of other eventual endgame impliments)

That’s fine, I get that a lot.

What I took from your example, as that a player might choose to “specialise” their character in “void” zones (ie, maps that use the Ruined Era tileset) & whenever they do a monolith set in one of those zones they get an extra XXX% gold find. But when they do any other tileset they don’t get that bonus.

Therefore, what if they’re faced with a choice at the start of a monolith, they can choose a Ruined Era tileset and gain XXX% gold find for that monolith, but that particular monolith choice has the “mobs have a 75% chance to dodge attacks for 10 timelines” modifier. The alternative is a tileset that they’ve not specialised in & therefore don’t get the +XXX% gold find, but this particular monolith has a relatively tame “Rare enemies have high speed and crit chance until approached for 7 timelines”.

So, which does the player choose? The instant gratification of +XXX% gold find with the attendand b***h of a modifier for the next 10 timelines which will likely have them tearing their hair out, or the easier modifier that doesn’t so brutally **** them over? Or do they reroll the choices in an attempt to get another Ruined Era tileset with a less arsey modifier?

That may or may not have been what you intended, but it’s what I took from your comment.

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