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Getting blown up by a bunch of archers without any time to react

I am curious how the devs will tackle this. As it stands the easiest (and cheapest) way to die is when a bunch of archers spawn together and immediately shoot you with their super sonic arrows. You either luck out on the block/dodge roll, have an exorbitant amount of HP/ward or get destroyed. There is very little time to react in comparison to…everything else really. Even fighting yellow monsters is more fair because they usually telegraph their strongest moves much better.

What i do is keep moving especially when there’s a possibility that things will be spawning soon. I’m assuming this is in the arena. It is rough though, I died to that as well last patch. Learned my lesson the hard way. That was hardcore too:P

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I think the main issue is that the groups are packed tightly together and shoot as one. Its an insane amount of instant damage with little warning because the arrows are small and travel fast.

I think the best solution in the arena is to spawn groups incrementally instead of instantly. This way when the last ones spawn the first ones would already be going towards the player which reduces the insta-shot kill.

It highly depend on the level range and your gear stats. I have no issues with those myself because I tend to build tanky setups. For glascannons this is frustrating for sure but I see no issue there.

The issue is reaction time. You should be able to react to telegraphed attacks and if you cant you die. Except I don’t believe a bunch of archers shooting at the same time was ever intended to be a one shotting telegraphed attack. Or was it?

This is an issue across the game as it stands right now, in my opinion at least, hell even the telegraphed attacks are bad because it feels like every enemy has them. So I guess we’re just supposed to run around like headless chickens constantly avoiding damage?

I came back to check on the game after patch 0.7.4 and I think the only good thing I have to say about it is that it’s good we don’t have to wait forever to unlock a mastery’s signature skill, which THAT area really emphasizes how bad this issue is. I’ve walked into that area and quite honestly got deleted instantly, with a fairly tanky forge guard who started fresh and made it there on a new save.

I mean, if EHG wants to go the whole soulsbourne route of damage where you die in 5 or less hits, that’s their choice, but please do not throw 20+ enemies at us when we cannot mitigate, stop, or tank that kind of damage. It honestly leaves a bad taste in my mouth when I die to absurd damage I have no chance to stop or avoid and makes me not want to play.

The devs stated that the mastery zone is bugged and there’s about 5x as many mobs as there should be. That is instead of 20 odd mobs there should only be 4.

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