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General feedback- ENDGAME

Game passed all expectations!! Hands down for devs. Don’t get why so little people playing it. Compare to wolcen, LE is a masterpiece and it’s not even full release. Playstyle feels smooth. The only thing is a question mark for me is the endgame. Please please please put a lot of effort into endgame- it has to be interesting, big enough variety, should make as feel like we progressing. Even I am bored of poe, I think end game is fantastic, one of the best in arpgs these days- plenty to do, you can always upgrade, you can make money and use it for upgrades etc. to reach top you have to get top items, but the way to the top has to be interesting.
That’s just my opinion, keep good work going!

End game has a lot of good stuff coming. Just be patient :slight_smile:
Explore some of these descriptions and youll see

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