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Game refusing to launch

I, after about 6 hours of troubleshooting, have managed to get Last Epoch installed. However, now when I use the launcher app, it states that it is running, jumps my CPU usage by 40%-ish and does nothing. I am currently using a macbook pro on OS catalina.

I’m sorry to hear this.

Could you please send us a system profile?

Is this something you still require assistance with?

If so, please do post the information requested above. If you are receiving e-mails from the forum notifying you of responses in the thread, they’ll contain a link to it for your convenience. If you no are no longer looking for help, please let us know.

Yes I do! I have been replying to the emails I’ve been receiving; apparently I am unable to read properly. Either way, I will attach the files and give an update in the following post.

This is the before requested file;
MacBook (250.0 KB)
I have since managed to get the game launched, however, it ended up taking something around 20 minutes to do so. Once launched, the game has had some very severe chugging issues. I’ve since reduced the quality of the game to minimum, but that did not have any effect. When I capped the maximum frame rate at minimum however, that did make the game run, though it is still extremely slowly.

When the game is running, my CPU heats up to around 85 degrees c, and my CPU allotment skyrockets about 60-80%. If I can provide any additional information, please let me know!

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